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Phoenix NICU Nurse Wins Photo Contest

Brittney Taylor, a registered nurse working in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU) at Banner University Medical Center in Phoenix, Arizona is the latest winner of the Nurse Photo Contest. Brittney will receive a $100 gift certificate. Send us your best photos for a chance to be the next winner of the Nurse Photo Contest! […]

Florida ER Nurse Wins Nurse Photo Contest

Congratulations to Eddie Johnson, the latest winner of the ongoing Nurse Photo Contest! Eddie writes: My name is Eddie Johnson. I’m 29 and an ER nurse in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida at Broward Health Medical Center. We have a very high paced, high acuity, short staffed, stressful job. It would be impossible to be successful or stay […]

Christmas trees for nurses

Did you know you can make a Christmas “tree” out of rubber gloves?  We here at didn’t know that either until we found this awesome photo of a “Christmas Tree for Nurses” on Reddit. We promptly dispatched our research team to investigate this phenomenon and discovered plenty of nurses and others repurposing rubber gloves […]

Nurse Photo Contest: We have a winner

Congratulations to Annell Farris, the latest winner of the ongoing Nurse Photo Contest! Farris graduated from the School of Nursing at John Hopkins University in 2008 when she was 59 years old and began her career as an operating room nurse. Annell will receive a $100 gift certificate. Send us your best photos for […]

Nurse Photo Contest – Calling all nurses!

Send us a photo for a chance to win $100! As many of you nurses already know, it is not easy to find accurate portrayals of nurses. As we explained the in our last photo contest: Real portrayals of the nursing profession are few and far between and instead of settling for buying fake-looking models […]

Superheroes visit Texas Children’s Hospital

A group of superheroes, disguised as window washers, visited Texas Children’s Hospital on Friday.  Houston Chronicle photographer Mayra Beltran was on hand to capture the surprise and delight of the hospital’s patients.   The surprise visit is part of a growing trend of window washers donning superhero costumes at hospitals across the nation.    

The American Nurse

In The American Nurse, photographer and award-winning filmmaker Carolyn Jones, through quiet photographs and deeply moving text, tells the personal stories of 75 nurses from across the U.S.–and in doing so gives voice to millions of women and men playing an important role every day in America’s healthcare system. One of the lucky winners of […]

Living and Working as a Nurse in Little Rock

The capital and the largest city in Arkansas, Little Rock is home to some of great Southern hospitals. Some of the best nursing jobs in Little Rock can be found at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Infirmary, which are all well-rated by  US News and World Report, and have high-ranking specialties. Many Little […]

Pediatric Oncology: Super formula to fight cancer

Receiving chemotherapy is no fun for anyone and can be a particularly difficult experience for children. However, international ad agency JWT Brazil and film studio Warner Brothers recently teamed up with the A.C. Camargo Cancer Center in São Paulo, Brazil to develop a campaign, “Super forumula to fight cancer,” to make the experience a little […]