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How can we stop the violence?

Stop the violence against nurses! In our deep-dive blog post we tried to answer all the questions: What is driving this epidemic of workplace violence against healthcare workers? How did it get this bad? What have employers done — and why is it not helping? How have nurses tried to take the lead instead, and […]

Stop the violence against nurses!

That sinking feeling. “Not again.” Parents know it all too well, nowadays, when yet another school shooting hits the news. But now nurses increasingly do as well. Last week, 30-year-old Nestor Hernandez, who was already on parole for an eight-year aggravated robbery sentence, opened fire in the maternity ward of Methodist Dallas Medical Center in […]

Are you getting the most out of your monthly plan? How to use our messaging tool to reach more candidates

Let’s start with a quick recap! Here’s an example we used before. At we have pricing plans for teams of all sizes. Let’s say you are paying to post up to 5 jobs, with up to 20 candidates included. Now let’s say you are posting your jobs… but you’re not actually getting 20 responses. […]

Nurses in Minnesota are on Day 3 of a massive strike — a sign of things to come?

15,000 nurses are on strike for the third day running in Minnesota, and it’s not just about money. For five months, contract negotiations covering nurses in over a dozen hospital systems in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and Duluth went nowhere, so the Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA) decided to go on strike. It’s not just any […]

Gifts and donations: this Nurses Week, we asked you!

Just like last year, we sent gifts to nurses across the country this Nurses Week. We sent out a bunch of different t-shirts, pretty flower badge reels, hip packs to keep your nursing supplies in, gift boxes of giant body cell plushies, designation badges, and even cash gifts to no fewer than 38 winners. And […]