Heartbreaking: the nurse who died saving his wife’s life in the Las Vegas massacre

Sonny and Heather Melton

Our hearts go out to the families of all those who were murdered in the Las Vegas mass shooting last night. Journalists have reported that the first victim who was identified was a 29-year-old Registered Nurse from Big Sandy, TN, Sonny Melton, who died while protecting his wife from gunfire. Sonny and his wife, Heather Continue Reading

Lucky day for a nurse: Free coffee!

September 29 is National Coffee Day, and that means: free coffee! And we don’t mean discounts, we’re talking strictly free here. Where can you get yours? No strings attached: just free coffee! Krispy Kreme Not just today — all weekend long! Customers at Krispy Kreme shops can receive one free hot brewed or small iced premium blend Continue Reading

Puerto Rico is devastated. How can nurses help?

United for Puerto Rico - How can nurses help?

You’ve seen the horrifying pictures: Puerto Rico has been left devastated after Hurricane Maria. There’s no power on most of the island. Almost half the Puerto Ricans have no drinking water at home anymore. 3.4 million U.S. citizens live there – more than in Chicago. They suffer from a shortage of food and fuel. Puerto Continue Reading

Congress is back to trying to repeal Obamacare, and this newest bill could transform health care. It’s next week or never, so what do you need to know?

Will it pass the Kimmel test? “This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied right to my face”. That was Jimmy Kimmel, last Tuesday night, addressing a monologue to his audience about health care policy. He was talking about a Congressman from Louisiana who, along with three other Republicans, is pushing a bill that would dismantle the Continue Reading

Mike Brown, one of your officers, Jeff Payne, roughed up a nurse for following hospital policy on drawing blood from unconscious patients. Why have you kept him on active duty?

This open letter was also sent to Salt Lake City Police Chief Mike Brown at his public email address (askthechief@slcgov.com). Mike Brown, I am writing to you about the recent disturbing news that one of your SLCPD officers, Jeff Payne, arrested and roughed up a nurse for refusing to allow him to draw blood from Continue Reading

Meet Kassancia Pierre, the first winner of a NurseRecruiter.com Scholarship award

Photo: Kassancia Pierre, the first winner of a NurseRecruiter.com Scholarship award

We only just announced our new NurseRecruiter.com Scholarship, and we have already disbursed our first scholarship award! Kassancia Pierre from Metuchen, New Jersey, is the first nursing student to win a NurseRecruiter.com scholarship. She just graduated from Syracuse University with a B.S. in Public Health, and she’ll soon continue her studies at the George Washington University Continue Reading

Find nurses: use the industry’s best nurse search engine

Finding and hiring nurses online is an incredibly competitive landscape and using general resources such as general-purpose job boards is the most competitive territory of them all, as everyone from huge systems and the niche job boards themselves are using the same resources for increasingly diminishing returns. General-purpose job boards are priced for general purposes, Continue Reading

Five reasons to tell the people you know about the new NurseRecruiter.com scholarship

Collage: NurseRecruiter.com Scholarship applicants

Do you know anyone who wants to be a nurse? You can help them! Tell them about the brand new NurseRecuiter.com Scholarship. NurseRecruiter.com has been in the business of connecting nurses with jobs across the US for eighteen years. There is never a lack of nursing jobs, and of course that has benefited our business Continue Reading

“I am asking for your help to give a gift to a family truly in need”

Photo: Baby with Tranquilo Mat

Nancy Martin, RN, PHN, is a public health nurse home visitor in Santa Rosa, CA, who works with high risk families — and she asked us to help: The families I visit are all low income, with social and medical risk factors such as homelessness, drug addiction, serious medical problems, domestic violence and more. She wrote us because Continue Reading

From bricks to scrubs: Thanks to a nurse’s encouraging words, stroke victim John McElroy found his way from the factory to the hospital

Video still: John McElroy, brick maker turned registered nurse

Your nurse was not always a nurse. Take Annell Farris, who became a nurse at age 59 (!) and won one of our nurse photo contests. People can come to nursing from very different backgrounds, and former brick maker John McElroy is a great example. “I worked in a local brick factory for about twenty-five years,” Continue Reading