So you want to be a travel nurse? A guide for nurses interested in traveling

Crystal: This photo was taken when I was working as a travel nurse at a Kaiser Hospital in San Jose, CA. My boyfriend Mike and my dog Bradley came out west with me from our home state of Delaware. The shot was taken about 2 hours south of San Jose, at Plaskett Creek in Big Sur, CA; one of the most beautiful and undeveloped stretches of coastline in the U.S. This was one of our first trips there and we went back at least ten more times before moving back to Delaware. Without nursing, I may never have had this opportunity to see our amazing country!

If you have been a nurse for a while, or even if you are just starting out, you have probably heard someone mention travel nursing at some point or another. And you may have questions. The first question, inevitably, is: what is travel nursing? Basically, a travel nurse is a kind of temporary worker. You Continue Reading

How To Maximize Your Nurse Salary: Always Be Looking

Always Be Looking

Why You Should Always Be Looking for Your Next Nursing Job If you ask your fellow nurses and friends for advice on how to advance your career and maximize your salary, you’ll probably get a lot of people suggesting strategies such as networking, finding a mentor, attending professional events, developing good relationships with healthcare facility Continue Reading

Baltimore ICU Nurse Wins Nurse Photo Contest!


Congratulations to Nadya, the latest winner of our ongoing nurse photo contest!  Nadya submitted an awesome photo of “four of the wonderful nurses that work on the Medical Intensive Care Unit at Johns Hopkins Bayview in Baltimore, Maryland”  that was taken during Nurses Week in May 2016. Nadya will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Continue Reading

We just merged two of the oldest nurse job boards to create one super site! is now! Shortly after founding it grew to become one of the top nursing job boards on the internet and it was due to this that one of the oldest nurse job boards online,, approached our company about acquiring them. We were happy to take on one of the trusted brands Continue Reading

“I kicked my doctors but I loved my nurses”: woman who survived cancer as a child now works alongside the RNs who cared for her

Photo: Rachel Smith, RN

Rachel Oliver Smith is a Registered Nurse at Brenner Children’s Hospital in Winston-Salem, NC. She gets along with her colleagues well. But there is a special reason why she has a particularly strong bond with some of them, and with the hospital which employs her. When Rachel was just four years old, she was diagnosed with T-cell Continue Reading

Ever more men work as Registered Nurses

Chart: The Rise of Men in Nursing

There are probably as many as 300,000 male Registered Nurses in the United States – although, as we found out in our last post on #MenInNursing, what the exact number is really depends on whom you ask. What we know for sure is that the number has been steadily rising over the years. Just two generations ago, Continue Reading

It’s a long way up but it’s good when you get there: from homeless to RN

Video still: Tiarra Barrera

When Tiarra Barrera-Hammond was in her early 20s, she’d just arrived in California and struggled to make ends meet. As the mother of two little children, she’d been living with her partner in Las Vegas, but she’d had to leave with nothing. “I was just trying to get away,” she explains, looking back now. It was tough. “I had no Continue Reading

South Florida RN wins Nurse Photo Contest!

Photo of cath lab RN Ja'el

Ja’el, a catheterization laboratory RN at JFK Medical Center in Atlantis, Florida is the latest winner of the Nurse Photo Contest! Ja’el will receive a $100 gift certificate. Send us your best photos for a chance to be the next winner of the Nurse Photo Contest!     OFFICIAL CONTEST RULES NO ENTRY FEE Continue Reading

Police officer studying to be a Registered Nurse uses his new skills to save someone’s life

Video still: Mitch Heaney

Nurses often save lives. Police officers often save lives. So it’s maybe no wonder that Mitch Heaney, who works in the blighted community of Highland Park (an enclave in Detroit), turned out to be a hero. After all, he’s a police officer studying to be a nurse. Heaney and his partner responded to an emergency call about Continue Reading

How many men are there in nursing? All depends on whom you ask

Chart: What's the percentage of male registered nurses?

There was a time when legal barriers kept men from working as nurses and “nursing schools often refused to admit men.” It took a Supreme Court ruling in 1982 to change that, the report Men in Nursing Occupations recounted. These days it’s hard to imagine that it was ever so. Male Registered Nurses now constitute “a Continue Reading