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This Nurses Week, just pick a number!

Many companies have turned Nurses Week into Hospital Week or, worse, barely celebrate your work at all. You’ll be lucky if you get a mug with their corporate logo — and they’ll ask you to help raise the funds for it first. But that’s not us! For the third year running, we’ll be giving out […]

Photo contest: from now on, everyone wins!

Here at we’ve been doing nurse photo contests for years now, and you know what the only thing about it is that makes us sad? We only get to pick one winner each time! It’s usually a big prize, sure — but any other participants get nothing. It’s like a lottery, and that just […]

Working for the devil

We’re always going on about how travel nursing is great because it gets you into all kinds of different work settings. Good for your professional development, enhances your skills, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill! But what if it actually gets you a proper Hollywood-style job, working with the stars?! Just before Christmas we […]

When nurses strike! What can you expect when going on strike… or working as a strike nurse?

Coming to your hospital soon? More strikes will follow  What can you expect when you go on strike? What can you expect from working as a strike nurse? Unless you’ve been taking the strictest of mental health breaks from all news and social media, you’ll have heard about the huge nurses strike in New York […]

They say these are the most stressful jobs in nursing. But what are the *least* stressful nursing jobs?

O*NET is a free, government-sponsored database with answers to any number of questions you might have about jobs and professions — useful, but not very exciting. But here’s something interesting: they also know what the most stressful nursing jobs are! Or… do they? Here’s their take. They’ve listed all occupations by stress tolerance, which they […]

Working this Christmas or the days up through NYE? Win up to $500 in our holiday photo contest!

Are you working through the holidays this year? Laboring through Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Braving the cold to take on shifts on the days in between, while people outside healthcare are enjoying a comfy few days off? Hey, we’re nurses — someone’s gotta do it! As nurse blogger Deb Aston once put it: “We reschedule […]

What can we learn from Sister Aileen Trainor?

When Sister Aileen Trainor retired from her job at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield, Oregon, she had worked in that very same place as a nurse in various roles for an astounding fifty-one years. Having started at St. Joseph Medical Center in nearby Bellingham in 1966 before joining Sacred Heart in 1971 — […]