Happy Nurses Week 2018! Enjoy some pizza on us!

Do you have any good Nurses Week traditions? We have one, it’s delicious, and it’s all for you! For five years now, we’ve been sending free pizza to nurses during Nurses Week. Back in 2013, we sent 76 pizzas to 194 nurses at 14 hospitals across the U.S. In the years since, we have sent pizza Continue Reading

They Need You: The Summer Camp Nursing Shortage

We all know about it: there is a shortage of experienced nurses across the United States. The nursing shortage is real, as the demand for nurses continues to exceed the supply. It affects everyone, but the nursing shortage is felt particularly acutely in states such as Florida, Georgia, Texas, Virginia, Arizona, California, and Hawaii. There is one group Continue Reading

#NursesTakeDC: Why are nurses once again heading to Washington?

Logo: #NursesTakeDC

What if you knew about a problem that makes patients have to stay in hospitals longer, suffer more infections, and make it more likely they’ll need to come back for more treatment? That makes nurses unhappier at their work, and more likely to suffer burnout? That actually makes more patients die? What would you do? Would Continue Reading

“They don’t teach you that in nursing school”: This PICU nurse knows how to tell a story, and it will put a smile on your face

Twitter story thread on pediatric nursing, part 8

We came across this story by accident. Meghan is a pediatric ICU nurse with a Twitter account, and all she wanted to do was to share her day with her friends and followers. It was a day like many nurses have, every day… but we’re not kidding if we say it genuinely made us tear up. Continue Reading

Meet Andrew Stone, an extraordinary nurse and a cult survivor

We recently announced that we have teamed up with the Safe Passage Foundation to expand the NurseRecruiter.com Scholarship program, and provide nursing scholarships to people who survived a childhood in cults that routinely violated their basic human rights. We would like to introduce you to one of those people: an extraordinary nurse who was born and raised in a religious cult known as The Continue Reading

NurseRecruiter.com teams up with Safe Passage Foundation to expand its scholarship program

Today, we are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Safe Passage Foundation to expand the NurseRecruiter.com Scholarship program.  NurseRecruiter has committed to funding a $1000/year scholarship grant for the Safe Passage Foundation Julia McNeil Memorial Scholarship program.   Around the world, there are high demand organizations, often referred to as “cults” by Continue Reading

San Diego nursing professor wins nurse photo contest

Congratulations to Eligio David Soliman, the latest winner of the NurseRecruiter.com photo contest! Eligio is an orthopedic nurse and a full-time professor in the BSN program at the National University School of Health and Human Services in San Diego, California. He is also enrolled in a nurse practitioner program. Eligio will be receiving a $100 Amazon Continue Reading

“I’ll be there when you need”: When surgeons sing!

When surgeons sing: a million people loved this video

Can music be medicine? “As health care providers, we often meet people at their greatest time of need,” wrote Dr. Elvis Francois in a Facebook post this week, “and sometimes the best gift you can give is a simple reminder that everything will be alright”. And what better way to be reminded than through song? Continue Reading

An Aussie ode to nurses: lofty words are not enough

Photo: Australian nurse in Canberra hospital

Halfway across the world, a nurse’s job looks much the same — and is just as important. So how great is it when an Australian former deputy premier writes an ode to nurses for one of the country’s main newspapers? Nurses deserve our thanks when they serve us, respect when they warn of looming shortages Continue Reading

A royal advocate for nurses

The Duchess of Cambridge, here with her husband Prince Harry: a champion for nurses?

To most Americans, the British royal family looks equal parts exotic, outmoded, glamorous and silly. Considering the royals don’t have much of a role in the country’s government, you might also be forgiven to wonder: what do these people do all day? Supporting nurses, it turns out! At least that’s what the Duchess of Cambridge Continue Reading