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This post is not about Gaza (but it is about you)

Last month, labor and delivery nurse Hesen Jabr was given the Sebastian Brun Compassionate Care Award by her employer, NYU Langone Health. It is bestowed every year to “a nurse who exemplifies what it means to provide compassionate care to patients and their families” when they lose their baby during pregnancy or childbirth. Jabr, who […]

When nurses strike — again! What can you expect when you go on strike? Or take a strike nursing job?

It’s the largest health care strike in U.S. history! Now that 75 thousand healthcare workers at Kaiser Permanente are on strike at hospitals and clinics across California, Colorado, Oregon and Washington, it’s time to re-up our post about strikes and nurses! But this time, we’ll get straight to the practical info. What can you expect […]

“It’s just crazy — every nurse takes the NCLEX, we should be able to work anywhere in the US and not pay extra”

Nurses sound off about the states which still refuse to join the NLC — but there’s good news from Pennsylvania! “Imagine the challenge of driving across state lines if you were required to obtain a [driving] license from every state in which you were going to drive.” It wouldn’t make any sense, right? It would […]

More states have joined the NLC — now it’s time for the big holdouts to get on board!

The train keeps on rolling: month after month, year after year, more and more states are joining the Nurse Licensure Compact!  Progress seems unstoppable. An impressive roster of NLC laws has been enacted and implemented in recent years. No fewer than 36 states have now fully implemented the Compact. Since our last eNLC post, Ohio, […]

This Nurses Week, just pick a number!

Many companies have turned Nurses Week into Hospital Week or, worse, barely celebrate your work at all. You’ll be lucky if you get a mug with their corporate logo — and they’ll ask you to help raise the funds for it first. But that’s not us! For the third year running, we’ll be giving out […]

When nurses strike! What can you expect when going on strike… or working as a strike nurse?

Coming to your hospital soon? More strikes will follow  What can you expect when you go on strike? What can you expect from working as a strike nurse? Unless you’ve been taking the strictest of mental health breaks from all news and social media, you’ll have heard about the huge nurses strike in New York […]

They say these are the most stressful jobs in nursing. But what are the *least* stressful nursing jobs?

O*NET is a free, government-sponsored database with answers to any number of questions you might have about jobs and professions — useful, but not very exciting. But here’s something interesting: they also know what the most stressful nursing jobs are! Or… do they? Here’s their take. They’ve listed all occupations by stress tolerance, which they […]

How can we stop the violence?

Stop the violence against nurses! In our deep-dive blog post we tried to answer all the questions: What is driving this epidemic of workplace violence against healthcare workers? How did it get this bad? What have employers done — and why is it not helping? How have nurses tried to take the lead instead, and […]