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A royal advocate for nurses

The Duchess of Cambridge, here with her husband Prince Harry: a champion for nurses?

To most Americans, the British royal family looks equal parts exotic, outmoded, glamorous and silly. Considering the royals don’t have much of a role in the country’s government, you might also be forgiven to wonder: what do these people do all day? Supporting nurses, it turns out! At least that’s what the Duchess of Cambridge Continue Reading

2018 Nurse Licensure Compact Changes: What You Need To Know

Big changes are coming to multistate nurse licenses. Here is what you need to know. If you are a travel nurse or have ever relocated to another state for a nursing job, you are probably familiar with the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) system. The Nurse Licensure Compact was launched in 1999 to help address the Continue Reading

New York passes “BSN in 10” law

Last month, the New York state legislature and Governor Andrew Cuomo approved legislation requiring registered nurses to attain a bachelor’s degree or higher in nursing within ten years of their initial licensure.  The legislation exempts registered nurses already licensed in New York as well as students already enrolled in or admitted to a nursing degree Continue Reading

Should nurses heed “do not resuscitate” tattoos?

If you are a nurse in the US, you are likely familiar with “do not resuscitate” (DNR) orders.  If you work in a hospital, you are likely aware of their policies and procedures related to DNR orders. But do you know what to do if your patient’s DNR order is not written on a piece Continue Reading

Becoming a nurse: Meet Michaela Sareboune

Since we launched the Scholarship a few months ago, we have received hundreds of applications from some amazing and brilliant people who all share a passion for helping others and improving themselves and the world by becoming a nurse. It certainly wasn’t easy to select just one to be the next recipient of the Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at NurseRecruiter

The need for nurses doesn’t take a break for the holidays and we know many of you will be working on Thanksgiving Day. Whether you will be celebrating Thanksgiving with friends and family or at the hospital caring for patients with your coworkers, we at NurseRecruiter would like to take a moment to let you Continue Reading

ACA enrollment for 2018 starts today with a shorter period and less publicity so please spread the word and inform your patients!

This year, as healthcare has become increasingly political, the ACA enrollment period for 2018 has been cut in half and the budget to promote it has been cut by 90%. As healthcare workers on the front lines, making sure patients have access to healthcare is critical so please spread the word and inform your patients! Continue Reading

Heartbreaking: the nurse who died saving his wife’s life in the Las Vegas massacre

Sonny and Heather Melton

Our hearts go out to the families of all those who were murdered in the Las Vegas mass shooting last night. Journalists have reported that the first victim who was identified was a 29-year-old Registered Nurse from Big Sandy, TN, Sonny Melton, who died while protecting his wife from gunfire. Sonny and his wife, Heather Continue Reading

Puerto Rico is devastated. How can nurses help?

United for Puerto Rico - How can nurses help?

You’ve seen the horrifying pictures: Puerto Rico has been left devastated after Hurricane Maria. There’s no power on most of the island. Almost half the Puerto Ricans have no drinking water at home anymore. 3.4 million U.S. citizens live there – more than in Chicago. They suffer from a shortage of food and fuel. Puerto Continue Reading

Congress is back to trying to repeal Obamacare, and this newest bill could transform health care. It’s next week or never, so what do you need to know?

Will it pass the Kimmel test? “This guy, Bill Cassidy, just lied right to my face”. That was Jimmy Kimmel, last Tuesday night, addressing a monologue to his audience about health care policy. He was talking about a Congressman from Louisiana who, along with three other Republicans, is pushing a bill that would dismantle the Continue Reading