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In their own words: the nurses who shared their photos and stories in our Nurses Week contest!

Nurses Week 2020 photo contest collage

We can’t wait to let you know about the first winner of the nurse photo contest we launched this Nurses Week! But we want to do more than that here. We want to thank all the other nurses who stepped forward and sent in their photos, and we want to share their messages with you. Continue Reading

Support Our Scrubs: this year, Nurses Week calls for more than pizza

Nurses Week 2020: how supports nurses

Five years in a row, when Nurses Week arrived, we sent out pizza. Lots of it! Nurses around the country received free pizza deliveries from But this year, everything is different. The Coronavirus crisis has torn up our normal lives and left us scrambling to shape new ones. Many of you are bravely facing Continue Reading

Nurses deserve to be seen. Win $100 in our photo contest!

Photo by JakeGrez: "I'm sorry it took a pandemic for healthcare workers to be recognized"

Even before the Coronavirus hit our shores, nurses were the most trusted profession in the country. That has been true year after year, for eighteen years in a row! No wonder that people look to nurses as role models again now, in this time of fear and anxiety. Many nurses have taken up the gauntlet, Continue Reading

Get them PPE: our contribution to keeping nurses safe

"We can build ventilators, but we can't build health care workers"

Right now, when healthcare workers like you are fighting a bitter battle all across the United States, everyone is needed. Whether you are an experienced nurse or a new graduate. Whether you are a traveller who works in a different state every season, or you had recently stepped away from nursing. Everyone has a role Continue Reading

4 reasons to update your profile now

Update your nurse profile - stand out!

This is how you get better-paying jobs, sooner! Imagine the right opportunity comes along — the position you have always wanted, the upgrade you crave, the chance of a new adventure, the job you’re going to need when your current assignment ends. How do you make sure they will think of you? Bottom line: you Continue Reading

Your nurse blogs: The definitive list of nursing blogs in 2020!

Top Nurse Blogs 2019 - award

We believe we have created the definitive list of blogs by and for nurses. These are the Top Nurse Blogs of 2019!

A Brief History of Travel Nursing

When did travel nursing begin? The story goes back much further than you might think. Travel nurses used to be real adventurers! If you’re a travel nurse now, we’re guessing you’re not trekking through the wilderness by dog-team or bush plane anymore… but you’re part of a fascinating history and a venerable tradition of brave public Continue Reading

“This must end now”: Nurses mobilize to protest conditions at the border

Photo: Overcrowding in Border Patrol station in Weslaco, TX

When we watch the news, when we see stories of people whose health and lives are in danger, when we read accounts of human suffering, does being a nurse make a difference? Do we bear a special responsibility? A responsibility to “nurse out loud,” to take a stand and speak out? More and more nurses Continue Reading

Pig farming is… just like nursing?

Nursing is just like... pig farming?

It’s not often we get to link to Pork Business for relevant nursing content, but when the time is right, it’s right! The website that proclaims itself the leading website in “pork communications” published a story with an unexpected angle last Friday, and it’s too unusual to pass up: 6 Ways Pig Farming is Like Continue Reading

Congresswoman opens up about childhood trauma: “It was a school nurse who saw the signs”

Quote image: Rep. Ayanna Pressley on childhood trauma and the school nurse who saw

“There but for the grace for God go I,” Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley started off when invited to contribute to a special Congressional hearing last week about Identifying, Preventing, and Treating Childhood Trauma. She, too, had been a victim of trauma and abuse, she revealed. And it was a school nurse who had signalled what was Continue Reading