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Keeping Nurse Labor Costs Down

This article in Health Leaders Media has an interesting perspective from hospitals regarding controlling nurse labor costs. It lays out a three-pronged approach to reduce personnel costs for nurses; a new approach to nurse overtime, use of supplemental labor such as from nursing agencies or from an in-house nursing pool, and focusing on retention efforts Continue Reading

Per Diem Nursing Jobs (working PRN nursing jobs)

Per diem nursing jobs (or PRN nursing jobs) are a great draw for nurses.  You can work your regular job and pick up a PRN job on the side as a way of making extra money.  PRN jobs generally pay a more generous hourly wage than a staff position as PRN jobs usually do not Continue Reading

The Hiring Freeze In Nursing

There has been a slowdown in available nursing jobs due to a number of factors including nurses taking more shifts, fewer people going to the hospital due to financial factors, and nurses putting off retirement.