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Photo contest: from now on, everyone wins!

Here at we’ve been doing nurse photo contests for years now, and you know what the only thing about it is that makes us sad? We only get to pick one winner each time! It’s usually a big prize, sure — but any other participants get nothing. It’s like a lottery, and that just […]

Working this Christmas or the days up through NYE? Win up to $500 in our holiday photo contest!

Are you working through the holidays this year? Laboring through Christmas or New Year’s Eve? Braving the cold to take on shifts on the days in between, while people outside healthcare are enjoying a comfy few days off? Hey, we’re nurses — someone’s gotta do it! As nurse blogger Deb Aston once put it: “We reschedule […]

Eddie Johnson wins our photo contest again, and he has a message for all of us!

One of the things we consider most valuable about this blog is that it allows us to share the important and inspiring stories nurses have to tell. Stories that are not heard often enough! Whether it’s accounts of heartbreaking bravery during the pandemic, moving tributes to nurse mentors or role models, an eyewitness account of […]