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The sweetest thing: Tell us your story and win a box of donuts!

National Donut Day: What's the sweetest thing that ever happened to you as a nurse?

If you’ve been a nurse for long enough, you’ve seen it all. Things that made you laugh, cry and roll your eyes. And a couple of things no-one else would believe! But what’s the sweetest thing that ever happened to you as a nurse? We’d love to hear about it, and today is just the day Continue Reading

It’s Nurses Week! We’re throwing you a pizza party, and we got beats too

It’s Nurses Week once again! Millions of nurses across the country will be celebrated for their dedication and the immense role they play in creating a safer, healthier America. We want to say “thank you” too – and we’ll make it a double bill! First, we’ll give away a free lunch every day this week; more about that in Continue Reading

Pizza vs Pasta: The holy war to end all holy wars

The great pizza vs pasta war of 2017 started with an innocuous question. We had been planning’s usual nurse week pizza giveaways when I asked what seemed to be the obvious thing to ask: “Why not spaghetti? I mean, why pizza?” The others on our conference call were taken aback. In the ensuing silence Continue Reading

Who’s your nursing superhero? Share your story with us

Photo: RN Superhero t-shirt

If you’re a nurse, you’ll have had that one colleague. The one who just has this gift with patients, who they remember with a smile. The one you learned something from that changed the whole way you looked at your work. The one who makes you laugh, right when you need it most. If they hadn’t been there, how Continue Reading

Check out this amazing video from 1950 about the “hospital of the future”!

The hospital of the future, 1950 - video still

“Dream grounds for a dream hospital”: in this promo film from 1950 about a model Kaiser hospital, we see babies being slid through walls in “drawer-like bassinets”, suited husbands smoking endless cigarettes awaiting their wives’ childbirth, and hospital rooms with sliding doors that open up to a terrace with a swimming pool. Not to mention Continue Reading

Nurses top honesty and ethics ranking

Gallup: 80% rate honesty and trustworthiness of nurses highly

Public opinion polling agency Gallup reported that 80% of Americans rate the honesty and ethics of nurses as high or very high. It’s not the first time the poll found such high appreciation for nurses either; we’ve mentioned it before. In fact, “Americans have been asked to rate the honesty and ethics of various professions annually Continue Reading

2015 Nursing Jobs Photo Contest

Back by Popular Demand Our Nursing Jobs Photo Contest! Send us a photo at for a chance to win $100! Calling All Nurses! Recently we at have been looking through stock photography to use for ours campaigns/ads however all we’ve continued to come across is the fake-looking models posing in halloween nurse costumes. Therefore we’ve brought back Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day ECG Cookie Recipe

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better to celebrate than with some sweet treats. We dug up this delicious ECG cookie recipe from Erica’s Sweet Tooth.  The recipe consists of chocolate roll-out cookies with some royal icing with some ECG patterns. Chocolate Roll-Out Cookies 3 cups all purpose flour 3/4 tsp salt 1/2 tsp Continue Reading

Nurse Photo Contest: We have a winner

Nurse Photo Contest winner: Annell Farris

Congratulations to Annell Farris, the latest winner of the ongoing Nurse Photo Contest! Farris graduated from the School of Nursing at John Hopkins University in 2008 when she was 59 years old and began her career as an operating room nurse. Annell will receive a $100 gift certificate. Send us your best photos for Continue Reading

National Nurses Week photos wanted!

As you celebrate Nurses Week, don’t forget to bring your camera and take pictures to submit to the Nurses Week photo contest.  And if you have any photos from past Nurses Week events, we would love to see those as well! The National Nurses Week photo contest will run from now until May 19th Continue Reading