Because nursing is better together… Our photo contest now features a special $500 group prize! – Nurse Recruiter

Because nursing is better together… Our photo contest now features a special $500 group prize!

Some things, only a fellow nurse can really understand. Ain’t that the truth? The stuff we go through sometimes… No matter how much you’d try to explain it to a friend or a relative, they wouldn’t get it! Not really.

That’s why a good nursing team is one where you can rely on your “work family”. Where you can confide in each other. Seek support from each other. Ask for advice without fear, and cheer each other up with a passing remark. Exchange jokes that would scare anyone outside the profession! Laugh when that’s all you can do, and roll your eyes at something without being judged.

Meme: When you come into work grumpy, but see your favorite colleague

A good team makes for a happy nurse. That’s maybe true more now than ever, when some of us are doing the hardest jobs they’ve ever had to do.

Here at, we want to reward such teams. And we’d like to encourage you to let your work besties know how much you appreciate them! So we’re presenting a special opportunity for all of you to share with your units.

For a limited time, our ongoing NurseRecruiter Photo Contest has a special award for group photos with three or more people, and it’s five times the normal size!

Photo contest winner: Cassandra Hoff
2020 photo contest winner Cassandra Hoff, with her coworker Patricia and her boss Diane

You don’t have to take part as a group — our photo contest is open to everyone!

If you haven’t come across our photo contest yet, it’s a bit of a tradition — and one we’re quite proud of! It’s open to anyone. You can send in a photo of yourself or with a colleague, in scrubs or your regular clothes, no matter whether you’re a RN or a NP, an LPN or a CNA. And each individual contest winner will receive $100.

So the contest is not just for groups — but we created a special bonus prize for teams! Doesn’t matter if you just ask your favorite two colleagues from your crew to join you or the whole unit’s there… for a limited time we will be awarding $500 for you to share.

One of our personal favorites: 2015 photo contest winner Eddie Johnson and his coworkers

These are tough times, so we are not going to send out gift cards either; we will simply transfer the money directly to you. So gather a few of your coworkers and let us know who you are!

Mind you, of course we don’t want anyone to break any rules when taking a photo! We loved the photo above of 2015 contest winner Eddie Johnson, but that won’t work anymore now…

So make sure you keep each other safe and, if you’re taking the picture at your workplace, stick to the measures your employer put in place.

Share your photo!

Photo contest winners: Krystal and coworkers
2016 photo contest winner Krystal Swift with some of her amazing coworkers

Help us show the world the real face of nursing!

We want to be honest here: we created our nurse photo contest out of frustration. Have you seen the ads most nursing companies use? Do the nurses in their photos look real to you?

It’s all stock photos and models posing as nurses. Looking fit and like they’ve never had to pull three 12s in a row. Carefully selected to tick every corporate box… But it’s like the uncanny valley, they wear scrubs but you know they’re not for real.

So instead, we decided we want to show real nurses in ours. And we are able to do so thanks to all your entries to the photo contests we run to celebrate the work nurses do. At some point we even created a whole website with all the real nurse photos we were being sent!

Photo contest winner, 2013: Christina
2013 photo contest winner Christina and her OR colleagues from Atlanta, Georgia

Interested? This is how you take part!

Simply drag and drop your photo(s) into our nurse photo contest form, email them to or message us your photos on Facebook.

You can add some info about yourself, or a telling anecdote, or let us know how you have weathered this crisis. Or just let the photo speak for itself. All up to you!

We will publish winning entries on our blog and our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts, and we might share some of the runners-up as well. That’s what we did last time!

Nadya (left) with fellow nurses at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center in Baltimore, Maryland.
2016 contest winner: Nadya with four of the wonderful nurses she worked with on the MICU

The small print

No entry fee is necessary to participate or win. The contest is void where prohibited by law, regulation, statute or other appropriate legal authority.

  • Send in as many entries as you like – there is no limit!
  • The winning photos will be selected by NurseRecruiter.
  • Contest winners with photos of 1-2 people will receive $100. Group winners will receive $500.
  • Contestants grant NurseRecruiter a worldwide, perpetual and non-exclusive royalty-free license to reproduce and publish each submitted story/comment and photo in any medium, including promotional material and advertisements.
  • Employees, agents, contractors and owners of NurseRecruiter and their immediate relatives and household members are not eligible to enter or win.

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