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Dear nurses, these two chronically ill college students have a message for you

Quote: Thank you, nurses

Online, they call themselves “Nemo” (“just keep swimming”) and “Tremors”. They’re college roommates, fighting the odds to get their degrees while struggling with severe illness. “Nemo” had her first heart surgery when she was six months old, and her second when she was six years old. She’s been diagnosed with Polysplenia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and Continue Reading

Many centuries before Florence Nightingale, this Muslim woman introduced nursing to the Arabic world

Ancient map: Arabic lands

In the West, everyone knows Florence Nightingale, in many ways the founder of modern nursing. But many centuries earlier, a woman named Rufaida Al-Aslamia introduced nursing to the Muslim world. She is estimated to have been born in the year 620 — exactly 1,200 years before Florence Nightingale. Just like Florence Nightingale, who became famous Continue Reading

Nurses On The Go: Weary Nurses

I read with a tearful heart and eyes the article submitted about remembering our calling as nurses. I have been nursing for 36 years, called by God when I was 4 years old. I just wanted to help heal not just the body but the soul. I got my dream and have loved my career Continue Reading

Nurses On The Go: Remember The Calling

When I wake in the morning, I never know what God has in store for this ole’ Nurse. As I drive to work, thoughts of what can happen stream through my mind. Will I loose my patience, or will the twelve hour shift take a toll on me, seven hours in? Will my mind stay Continue Reading

Nurses On The Go: Rashmi Sharma

As a usual night shift, I was taking handover from my co-worker from previous shift. She continued her patient reporting, and I was being attentive throughout that. She mentioned about a new patient admitted during her shift. After receiving report from her, I headed to see my patients. I happened to know other patients since Continue Reading

Nurses On The Go: Why I Became a Nurse

by Ann Mathiews MSN, RN, CEN, TNCC The sun was shining. The blinding light reflected off the apartment pool surface as Lori and I sat sipping frozen margaritas and watching our four children splash in the shallow baby pool. Laughing as freckles emerged on our skin instead of the even tan we were seeking, we Continue Reading

Nurses On The Go: Bernadette

by Bernadette M. Bailey, R.N. I was working in Labor and Delivery about 2 years into my nursing career, when I was assigned to a young patient who was in labor. This young girl had a hard life, was poverty-stricken and surrounded by friends and family who abused drugs on a regular basis, and she Continue Reading

Nurses On The Go: Donna

By Donna Rich, R.N. Seven months ago my husband announced that he was just laid off from his marine construction job. I looked around our dream home, one block from our beloved ocean…the Olympic-sized pool in the backyard and an upstairs deck for our teenagers to hang with their friends. There was, I admit, in Continue Reading

Nurse On The Go: Lori O’Keefe

I have been a nurse and a certified diabetes educator for the past 11 years. I would like to share a experience I had with one of my patients. We know that we can prevent or at least delay complications related to diabetes by keeping the blood sugar as close to normal as possible without Continue Reading

Labor and Delivery

I remember it was my first month on the Labor and Delivery deck of a small New England Naval Hospital as a Naval Nurse Corps officer. I had never worked Labor and Delivery in my 7 years prior while in civilian service and was intentionally trying to do everything by the book. My patient was Continue Reading