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“I now work in the same jail where I once sat in a booking cell”: the inspiring story of a successful correctional nurse

It’s true, correctional nursing suffers from something of an unfair stigma. But we talked with a corrections nurse who made a passionate case for the importance of the work — and has some reassuring words to spare! We got to know Brittany through our nurse photo contests, and soon realized she had valuable experience to […]

Working for the devil

We’re always going on about how travel nursing is great because it gets you into all kinds of different work settings. Good for your professional development, enhances your skills, yadda yadda yadda, you know the drill! But what if it actually gets you a proper Hollywood-style job, working with the stars?! Just before Christmas we […]

What can we learn from Sister Aileen Trainor?

When Sister Aileen Trainor retired from her job at PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center in Springfield, Oregon, she had worked in that very same place as a nurse in various roles for an astounding fifty-one years. Having started at St. Joseph Medical Center in nearby Bellingham in 1966 before joining Sacred Heart in 1971 — […]

Eddie Johnson wins our photo contest again, and he has a message for all of us!

One of the things we consider most valuable about this blog is that it allows us to share the important and inspiring stories nurses have to tell. Stories that are not heard often enough! Whether it’s accounts of heartbreaking bravery during the pandemic, moving tributes to nurse mentors or role models, an eyewitness account of […]

She helped protect children in emergencies around the world. Now she is our newest Scholarship winner!

We are so happy today! It feels good to be able to help a nursing student on her way to fulfil her dream — and not just any nursing student! Because this is a future nurse with a story. What am I talking about? We are announcing the newest Scholarship winner, and I think […]