How can we stop the violence? – Nurse Recruiter

How can we stop the violence?

Stop the violence against nurses! In our deep-dive blog post we tried to answer all the questions: What is driving this epidemic of workplace violence against healthcare workers? How did it get this bad? What have employers done — and why is it not helping? How have nurses tried to take the lead instead, and what can we do to help?

But you are the one who are living this, every day. So now we are asking you! Together, you know best — better than any of the suits, better than the managers or politicians. Why is this happening? And what would actually help? Click on the post first, or skip right past it and just answer our poll!

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I was cussed out and threatened. No one did anything now since I know I’m along I will defend myself by any means necessary.

Hospitals need to be forced to step up and protect their staff. Hospitals do not provide adequate security and then blame the Nurse when they are the injured victim. Congress and Law Enforcement need to provide the laws and structure to protect healthcare workers. In the short run:
• Eliminate visitors except in the situation where someone is actively dying
• Dramatically increase hospital security so there is at least one trained, armed security person in each unit
• Require hospitals to train every staff member in Self Protection/Defense annually

I have worked on acute psychiatry unit with a patient who was high on meth and actually beat up two cops with their own pistols. Brought to our unit in 5- point leather restraints. I sat with him as he slept and gradually removed restraints as he calmed down. But people like should go to jail under medical supervision instead of dropping him off on defense less nurses.

We need effective change now! Our lives, safety, and well being is more important than a job

Administrative staff of facilities needs to provide safe, healthy environment, support, and security for nursing staff and the patients. These should all be top priorities, so nurses feel safe while working, can provide good care, patients won’t feel neglected, and can recover with peace of mind.

I am a cna. I have been one for 12 years. During this time I ha e had my ocular bone fractured, my jaw dislocated, punched and kicked more times than I can count. When these things happen there is know punishment, we are simply told “you knew what you were getting into when you started this job.” So do police officers.. we do this job to make a difference and to help the sick, not to be physically and mentally abused everyday. Most abuse occurs because there is no punishment. I think we should be able to press assault charges if the situation is appropriate.

I have been punched kicked bitten clawed spit on and fingers bent backwards by mental health patients. There is an epidemic of mental illness and if the person screams mental health they go to a hospital instead of jail. People can’t be totally out of their mind. I’ve seen them out of it from drugs but most of them even the elderly know what they’re doing. It isn’t fair for nurses to get beat up every time they go to work. This should be a rarity not a common occurrence. This is one of the reasons I changed departments.

Much more needs to be done to protect staff… We are already in danger everyday from viruses and diseases. Then on top of that violence.

There should be a law to protect the nurses and healthcare workers against violence just like with the police and bus drivers. That’s the ONLY way for us to be safe.

Definitely had verbal abuse to the point of feeling threatened.
Supervisor held a threat assessment but other than making more aware of the potential. It really didn’t make me feel any safer.

I’ve been traveling for about 4 years now and there’s only been 1 institution that has an absolute zero tolerance policy for verbally and physically abusive patients: they are escorted out. Why can’t this become a universal or at least nationwide procedure?

Leadership that has your back when you report increasing violent behavior and stand up for you!

I think the laws definitely have to be changed to protect and support nurses. I charged a patient with assault about 3 years ago. I got absolutely no support from the hospital or from management. I was very apprehensive as no one on our floor despite frequently being hurt and verbally threatened had ever charged any patient with any thing.I did have a lot of support from other nurses and aides on the floor. When the case came to court, I did not want jail time for the man. I just wanted him to know that he could not assault 2 nurses with no repercussions and would be flagged as violent if and when he was admitted to hospital or rehab. I don’t think the judge even read my case and told the man to keep out of “Nurse (my name) way.” That was it and he had to check in to the court again in 6 months time. It made me feel as though I was wasting the judges time when in reality I was doing something really important for all the nurses, I felt that they were behind me and that gave me the strength to follow through.

I’ve never had any issues working drug alcohol or mental health but many of my female colleagues have been attacked or threatened. When it comes to violence and threats I think it’s some of it could be because nursing is seen as a mostly female dominated area and that those individuals are supposed to be so sweet and caring no matter. This perceived notion could make some see them as weak. In my personal experiences, most people are emboldened if they think they can win a fight or argument. However, we can’t have fistfights with patients on the floor. How do you maintain patient, guest and nurse safety and still be effective in a situation where someone is ready to fight you.

I live in the state of Kentucky. We always get the “what could you have done differently” speech! In the states of Nebraska, ITS A FELONY TO ASSAULT ANY HEALTHCARE STAFF!! Make it a law here too!!! In fact, go across the board with ALL states!!! If these people are not held accountable for what they do, THIS WILL NEVER STOP!! My daughter is a CNA and was just assaulted on duty this week!! Patient tried to choke her with her stethoscope, bit, hit and dug her nails in her arms until she took chunks of skin out. Then grabbed her by her uniform and wouldn’t let go while she continued to hit her!! This patient was in her right mind and knew what she was doing!! There’s NO excuse for it!! All her manager did was fill out an incident report!! It has to STOP!!