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This Nurses Week, just pick a number!

Many companies have turned Nurses Week into Hospital Week or, worse, barely celebrate your work at all. You’ll be lucky if you get a mug with their corporate logo — and they’ll ask you to help raise the funds for it first. But that’s not us!

For the third year running, we’ll be giving out Nurses Week gifts that are actually useful. And for the third year running, we’re going to leave as much as possible up to you!

Nominate yourself or your favorite nurse for one of these Nurses Week gift cards!
Nominate yourself or your favorite nurse for a gift card of your choice!

Maybe you remember how it works: just respond to our posts on FacebookInstaTwitter or LinkedIn — and nominate yourself or your favorite nurse!

Because to be honest — that’s the part we’ve been loving most. Your heartwarming and heartfelt comments! Telling us about your work, and what makes you so passionate about it, the things you had to overcome to get where you are today, your message for your fellow nurses. Explaining why your nurse bestie is the GOAT, or why you’re so proud of your RN husband or daughter.

We know that’s the best part for many of you too, because sometimes you’ll skip right past the choice of gifts: you just want your friend or colleague to know that you think they’re the best nurse anyone could wish for. Or you want all the world to know that, hell yeah, you’re pretty good yourself and you worked hard and deserve a nice gesture!

We’re all too happy to oblige, and yes, we’ll still offer a choice of gifts anyway! To stick with the theme of leaving as much as possible up to you, we’re going with gift cards this year, but we’ve got a whole menu. Like we said, just pick a number!

All the gift cards will be for $20 or $25, depending on the company. You all know Amazon, Starbuck and Etsy, and we know some of you could really do with a nice glass of wine after the end of a long day (or, you know, maybe the whole bottle…). Finally, we also added in Credo gift cards because they’re not just good for self-care, they go out of their way to create safer, more sustainable, ethical and transparent products.

Last year we picked 38 winners, so go and check out our social media posts and leave a comment telling us why you’re nominating yourself or your favorite nurse for a gift!

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