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Living and Working as a Nurse in Little Rock

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The capital and the largest city in Arkansas, Little Rock is home to some of great Southern hospitals. Some of the best nursing jobs in Little Rock can be found at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Infirmary, which are all well-rated by  US News and World Report, and have high-ranking specialties.

Many Little Rock nursing jobs are in hospitals located on Interstates 630 and 30, including the Baptist Health Rehab Institute and the Southwest Regional Medical Center.

Nurses working in the Little Rock area command salaries that are lower as the cost of living is lower than the average compared to the rest of the country.  Staff RNs average about $57,000 per annum. Licensed practical nurses average just under $36,000 per year, with CNAs averaging just under $25,000 in annual pay. All figures are from Salary.Com for 2012.

For travel nurses visiting the city, there are all sorts of places of interest to see and experience, from the Little Rock Zoo to the Arboretum. Plus, there’s the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, and the Clinton Presidential Library. Sports enthusiasts will surely enjoy watching the Arkansas Travelers (AA affiliate of the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim) and the University of Arkansas Razorbacks. History buffs will have fun checking out the Quapaw Quarter or strolling around the Arkansas State Capitol.

Whether residing in Little Rock or visiting as a travel nurse, getting around is not too bad, as the center of the city is laid out in a grid. Interstate 630 runs east and west, just south of the city and intersects Interstate 30. The Arkansas River runs to the north of the city.

Little Rock travel nursing jobs are often in the downtown area, which is where a lot of the numbered streets are. University Avenue is to the west, and traverses north and south, whereas 14th Street cuts all the way across from east to west.

Another popular transportation option in Little Rock is the comprehensive public transportation system. CAT (the Central Arkansas Transit Authority) consists of buses and river rail. Several of the bus lines service area hospitals, particularly the #3 and the #13.

Housing is generally more expensive to the north and west. Prices can be higher in affluent areas such as Pierce, Foreman and Imperial Valley. Prices are lower in the Oak Forest and Arch Street areas, and are rather low in comparison to other parts of the United States. According to Trulia, the market is in flux, with many listings falling but sale prices rising in early 2013. Apartment living can be in modern townhouses or sometimes in towers or developments.

Educational opportunities are good, as Little Rock is home to some great colleges and universities. Nursing programs are available at (among others) the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, Baptist Health Schools and Pulaski Technical College. All can improve the experience of nursing in Arkansas.

Little Rock – it’s not just the capital of Arkansas. Have you got more tips for living and working in Little Rock? Feel free to share them in the Comments section!

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