Scrubbing In docu-series about travel nurses starts tonight – Nurse Recruiter

Scrubbing In docu-series about travel nurses starts tonight

Fernando on Scrubbing In (Courtesy MTV Press)

Scrubbing In, a new MTV show documenting the assignments of nine Aya Healthcare travel nurses in two Orange County hospitals, will premiere tonight (October 24, 2013) at 10pm ET/PT.

In a recent press release, Aya Healthcare noted that it’s hoping the show will inspire the next generation of nurses:

The featured travel nurses represent a new generation of nurses who have recently entered the workforce. They are highly trained and deeply passionate about nursing. Six of the Scrubbing In travel nurses have Level 1 trauma center ICU experience. A Level 1 trauma center treats the most critically ill patients and requires the highest skilled ICU nurses. Two of the nurses are experienced Emergency Room travelers and have multiple assignments with Aya Healthcare under their belt. One of the featured nurses is a floor nurse with an exceptional bedside manner. Through its Scrubbing In participation, Aya Healthcare is hoping to inspire the generation of young people watching MTV to consider nursing as a possible career choice.

Update (October 25, 2013): The first episode is now online

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One comment

Here is a Facebook post that sums up why we do not favor Scrubbing In.
“I don’t dislike the show for the fact that it makes me look bad as a nurse. I dislike the show for the fact that the nurse-patient relationship relies on a patient’s ability to literally trust a nurse with his or her life. If this television show changes the public perception of nurses to the image of drunken wild children with only minimal competency, the problem isn’t the fact that our reputations are at stake. The problem is that an image like that erodes patient trust, consciously or otherwise. And if patients don’t trust the nurses who are supposed to care for them, they won’t seek out care. They won’t let you care for them. Making a caricature of the image of nursing is a threat to public safety, and for that, MTV should be pretty ashamed.”

Sadly, these young nurses sold themselves out and their nursing careers are going to suffer. MTV does not care about promoting the nursing profession, they only care about money and ratings. Well, thankfully people are not watching the show. (Scrubbing In (10:00) – MTV 0.521 million viewers, #43; 0.382 million adults 18-49 (0.30 rating), #36). The ratings prove it will not last long.

Voice your opinion at Cancel MTV Scrubbing In.