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Christmas trees for nurses

“Christmas Tree for Nurses!”

Did you know you can make a Christmas “tree” out of rubber gloves?  We here at didn’t know that either until we found this awesome photo of a “Christmas Tree for Nurses” on Reddit.

We promptly dispatched our research team to investigate this phenomenon and discovered plenty of nurses and others repurposing rubber gloves to decorate for the holidays.

—SPECIAL 2023 UPDATE: this glove Christmas tree from Insta account @Madreddragones is great as well!—

Here are some of the delightful rubber glove Christmas trees we found.

Stockton Medical Clinic’s Medical Christmas Tree

Photo: Nurse turns hair into Christmas tree


“If my ICU patients forget for just a few minutes that they’re stuck in ICU over Christmas, then it was all worth it.”

One of our staff members decided to try to make one himself. Despite a limited supply of gloves and ornaments, it turned out alright but was not as awesome as some of the other ones we came across.

Want to make your own glove Christmas tree? The Nerdy Nurse, also known as Brittney Wilson, has written a handy guide titled “How to Make a Glove Christmas Tree.” Let us know how your Glove Christmas Tree turns out!

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So excited that you shared my post about the glove Christmas trees. There are some many things that nurses can do to make working on Christmas a little more fun. One of those is preventing getting the flu! Have you see this funny video “I don’t want a Christmas with flu?”