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Tips for Travel Nurses on Going Green

Travel nursing can be exciting, challenging, and rewarding, but it can also be a little rough on the environment. The San Francisco Chronicle’s website has a list of tips for reducing your carbon footprint. These suggestions are geared towards travel nurses, travel therapists, and other mobile healthcare professionals who wish to be more green while Continue Reading

Helping Foreign Nurses Receive Certification Quickly

An organization is helping foreign nurses get certification quickly so they can begin to practice in Canada. The organization, called the CARE Centre for Internationally Educated Nurses, has been around for about a decade. Even nurses who have had a complete education and plenty of experience have had to start four-year training programs all over Continue Reading

Keeping Nurse Labor Costs Down

This article in Health Leaders Media has an interesting perspective from hospitals regarding controlling nurse labor costs. It lays out a three-pronged approach to reduce personnel costs for nurses; a new approach to nurse overtime, use of supplemental labor such as from nursing agencies or from an in-house nursing pool, and focusing on retention efforts Continue Reading

Nurses Tend to Stick Close to Home

A study has found that nurses tend to find work that is close to the nursing school that they graduated from. This means that areas without nursing schools — such as rural areas — tend to have a harder time finding nurses. And if there aren’t enough nurses to go around, that has serious implications Continue Reading

Advantages of Being a Travel Nurse

There are many benefits to being a travel nurse, including increased income, opportunities to grow professionally, and of course to be able to travel all over the world!

A Nurse Agency Can Be a Valuable Resource

Nurse agencies can help in many ways, from offering insight into the profession to helping you negotiate the best possible job terms.

Nurse Licensure Compact 101

Nurse Licensure Compacts allow nurses who live in one participating state to practice nursing in another participating state without needing to get a new license for that state.

Debt Default Could Impact Health Care

If the debt ceiling is not raised, there are likely to be serious consequences for health care.

Traveling Nursing Jobs

Editor: Today’s post is from a guest RN writing about her experiences in travel nursing. I have recently been considering a traveling nursing job.  I love to travel and there are parts of the country that I have yet to see.  I have known a few travel nurses, and they all say the same thing, Continue Reading

Taking a Nursing Job Outside Your Community

Editor’s Note: Today’s post is by a guest RN, if you’d like to write for our blog contact us. I don’t work in my community.  I drive 25 miles to the northern end of another county to work as a cardiac nurse.  I didn’t think about the location affecting my interaction with patients and other Continue Reading