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Are you getting the most out of your monthly plan? How to use our messaging tool to reach more candidates

Let’s start with a quick recap! Here’s an example we used before. At we have pricing plans for teams of all sizes. Let’s say you are paying to post up to 5 jobs, with up to 20 candidates included. Now let’s say you are posting your jobs… but you’re not actually getting 20 responses.

That’s a waste of money, right? But it doesn’t have to be that way! Remember how we promised you a whole separate post about how to reach more nurses without paying more? This is it!

Reaching out: introduce yourself to more nurses

When we told you how to increase your candidate acquisitions right now, we explained the four ways in which a candidate can discover you. Three of those involve your job posts, and we published short and simple instructions on how to optimize posting them, manually or automatically. But there was a crucial fourth way: they receive an introductory message from you through our new, in-site messaging tool about a job that’s right for them.

In the ten months since we launched this feature we have seen the difference it has made. Our data is pretty clear about this: recruiters who make full use of introductory messages acquire and place more candidates, faster.

It only makes sense, if you think about it: it’s a matter of trust. If nurses sign up to our website, they’re going to be a lot more receptive to messages they get through the site than to a random text or call from a recruiter they’d never heard of!

But we are afraid that some of you aren’t yet getting the most out of this opportunity. If you’re just posting your job opening and waiting for responses, you’re missing out!

Cast your net wide — without paying extra

What we found is that the most successful recruiters cast their net wide. They don’t just rely on active candidates seeking them out: they send messages to as many matching candidates as possible. There are passive candidates on our site who aren’t actively browsing job posts: a message can pull them in!

So what’s the difference with how it worked before, when you had access to the contact info of candidates and you just started sending out texts and making calls? Well, look at it like triage: a filtering process. You send out a stock message to all matching candidates; they decide whether or not to share their contact info; you limit the follow-up calls and texts strictly to those you already know are interested!

That saves you a lot of time. Money, too! Remember: thanks to our redesign you no longer have to worry about cost and limits. If you’ve got more than a ​​single job plan, you have unlimited database access. So you can send those in-site messages to an unlimited number of candidates, but only pay for those who respond!

We’ve taken enough of your time here: start sending messages now!

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