You’re doing well — but here’s how to do better! Increase your candidate acquisitions now – Nurse Recruiter

You’re doing well — but here’s how to do better! Increase your candidate acquisitions now

Are you getting enough bang for your buck? And by bang, of course, we mean candidates for your jobs!

We think you could be reaching more of the nurses you need, right now, if you make just a few changes to how you use NurseRecruiter. It’s worth it! If your job posts reach more nurses, you can save time and money and hire better-qualified nurses.

On a range of “I had my second coffee before 7 AM” to “yes I’m talking to five people right now, why do you ask?”, we know you are very, very busy. That’s why we will be sharing some key tips with you on this blog that will help you increase your candidate acquisitions… because we want to make sure your use of NurseRecruiter is as efficient as possible!

Getting more nurses to see your jobs

The newly redesigned NurseRecruiter helps you avoid wasting time cold calling candidates who were never going to be interested anyway. Now the nurses decide who they share their contact info with; so if they pick you, you already know they’re interested!

So far so good, right? But there’s a catch: they do need to find out about you in the first place! There are basically four ways in which a nurse can discover you:

  1. They see your job post because it matches the criteria they set about locations, shifts and type of work, and the info they filled in about their profession, specialization, qualifications and experience.
  2. They receive a job match notification because your job matches all their details.
  3. They see you in their list of matching employers when they sign up, pointing them your way right when they are most eager.
  4. They receive an introductory message from you about a job that’s right for them.

Getting it right: how to improve your job posts

If you look at points 1 and 2 again, it’s very clear what the crucial thing is here. Your job post should include all that info, and do so clearly! The clearer your job posts are and the more relevant information they present, the more likely it is candidates will reply.

But it’s not just about making sure your job post grabs a candidate’s attention! There are knock-on effects too. The more you improve your job posts, the better your match rate will be. And the better your match rate is, the more you will appear on people’s lists of matching employers too! Those lists are a major way in which our clients gain candidates, so that’s another serious reason to invest in improving your job posts.

That’s why it’s important to improve your job posts, but how do you make them as clear and complete as you can? Don’t worry; we have your back. We have put up simple and concise instructions for how to post your jobs on manually and automatically in the most efficient way possible.

If you want to get the most out of your plan, use our messaging tool!

What if we told you that you could reach more nurses without paying more?

That’s where those introductory messages come in — here, let us explain how that works. At we have pricing plans for teams of all sizes. Let’s say you are paying to post up to 5 jobs, with up to 20 candidates included. Now let’s say you are posting your jobs… but you’re not actually getting 20 responses.

That’s a waste of money, right? But it doesn’t have to be that way! It’s all about capitalizing on our unique messaging tool. Our most successful clients are capturing the interest of high-value candidates by casting their net wide… but with our messaging tool, they no longer have to waste resources on individual calls or texts to nurses who weren’t expecting them.

This is such important stuff, we are devoting a separate post about it. Use it to your own advantage: Are you getting the most out of your monthly plan? How to use our messaging tool to reach more candidates.

Three easy steps to improve your results

In short, this is how you truly discover the magic of our new site: keep your job posts sharp, and cast your net wide. We have the info and resources you need:

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