Welcome to the new NurseRecruiter! – Nurse Recruiter

Welcome to the new NurseRecruiter!

Searching jobs is easier, among many other things!

You may have noticed that NurseRecruiter.com looks a little different today. We’ve been working very hard to bring you the very best version of NurseRecruiter yet! We’d debated trying out a worse new NurseRecruiter but the cowards who wanted a better version won the vote, so here it is. How is it better? Well we think it’s fundamentally better, which is the best kind of better. And here to tell you more about that is the next paragraph.

The main thing NurseRecruiter does is match candidates with employers — that’s what you are here for, and we’ve made a fundamental change to the how we do this that will make your lives easier. Until now, our site worked as a typical job board. Employers could see the contact information for any active candidate. But it wasn’t great for candidates who were bombarded with calls, emails and even texts about unwanted job offers. And that meant it wasn’t great for employers in the end either, because they would often waste valuable time reaching out to candidates who were not interested. No bueno!

We found a better way.

Starting today, candidates will be the ones who choose which employers get access to their contact information. No more unwanted calls! But employers also benefit. We now offer a powerful new messaging tool, free of charge, which you can use to reach out to candidates, who can then choose whether or not to share their profile and contact info. No more wasting time and money contacting people that were never going to be interested in your job anyway!   

Bottom line: NurseRecruiter now offers both candidates and employers a much better experience. Employers will find candidates who are more likely to be interested in their jobs. And candidates are in full control of who gets to call or email them. We hope you enjoy it and feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

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Hi there, I like the new layout, features and format. I did notice that with the new version, I don’t see rates on our current job postings. I put rates for each position and they were showing before the change but now have no information on pay which is a concern. Would you know how to bring those back or if that is something that will be fixed in the near future?

Thank you

how much does nurserecruiter.com charge per month to find resumes for the recruiter?