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How To Maximize Your Nurse Salary: Always Be Looking

Why You Should Always Be Looking for Your Next Nursing Job If you ask your fellow nurses and friends for advice on how to advance your career and maximize your salary, you’ll probably get a lot of people suggesting strategies such as networking, finding a mentor, attending professional events, developing good relationships with healthcare facility […]

Ever more men work as Registered Nurses

There are probably as many as 300,000 male Registered Nurses in the United States – although, as we found out in our last post on #MenInNursing, what the exact number is really depends on whom you ask. What we know for sure is that the number has been steadily rising over the years. Just two generations ago, […]

Go West, Young Nurse?

  Over five years after the global financial crisis, jobs are still scarcer than they used to be in the United States – but not everywhere! In true American spirit, for example, thousands of people looking for jobs – or better-paying jobs – have been trekking north and west to “men camps” in rugged states […]

Living and Working as a Nurse in Little Rock

The capital and the largest city in Arkansas, Little Rock is home to some of great Southern hospitals. Some of the best nursing jobs in Little Rock can be found at the Arkansas Children’s Hospital and St. Vincent Infirmary, which are all well-rated by  US News and World Report, and have high-ranking specialties. Many Little […]

Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Flight Nurse?

What is it about flight nursing that makes seemingly sane nurses who are already under mountains of stress at their “routine” hospital jobs want to take on the added challenges of this all-encompassing job? Flight nurses care for the most critically ill or injured patients across all specialties of medicine and disease. Flight nursing is, […]

The Joys of Travel Nursing

Nurses who enjoy traveling and want variety in their work experience have an amazing option available to them known as Travel Nursing. A travel nurse can contract through a specialty nurse-staffing agency, and work short-term or long-term assignments in different locations around the country. Sort of a work and vacation experience all-in-one, hand-picked by you! […]

The Outlook for Nurse Employment in America in 2013

It’s the $64,000 question. What is happening with the job market for nursing in the United States? Staff Nurses According to, staff nurses can make an average of about $66,500 per year. Per O*Net (which is run under the auspices of the United States Department of Labor/Employment and Training Administration), there are over 2.7 […]

Living and Working as a Nurse in Charlotte

A charming older city in the southern United States, Charlotte is home to some very fine hospitals. Some of the best nursing jobs in Charlotte can be found at Carolinas Medical Center, Presbyterian Hospital and Gaston Memorial Hospital, which are all well-rated by US News and World Report, and have several high-performing specialties. Many Charlotte […]