Norma Walsh – Nurse Recruiter

Nurse Anesthetists: the Often-Overlooked CRNA

Most people outside the medical field – and a good deal of those within it – are not sure exactly what a nurse anesthetist does; some may have never even heard of it, or think of them as “assistants” to anesthesiologists. Nurse anesthetists have a long and storied history spanning over 150 years, and today […]

Visiting Nurses: They Might be Angels

In the last few years of my mother’s life, when she was suffering from myriad chronic conditions that had greatly decreased her mobility, my entire family – but especially my mother, the patient – was thankful for the convenience and reassurance of having a weekly visit from an Registered Nurse, Annie. After my father passed […]

RN Jobs

Whether you are a newly-minted R.N. or a veteran nurse, it is well-known that there are currently more Registered Nurse jobs than there are qualified professionals to fill them. If you’re on the hunt for your first nursing job or a new position, opportunities abound. But it’s important to find the right job. How does […]

Nursing as a Second Career

About five years ago, when she was in her early fifties, my friend Nancy made a decision that surprised her family and friends. She was going back to school. And she was going to become a nurse. “A nurse?” more than a few people responded. “Why would you want to go through all that schooling? […]

Why for Nurses

Nursing can be an extremely rewarding and enriching career path. It can also be exhausting and overwhelming. What if you could start fresh every thirteen weeks, gaining new and valuable experiences, meeting new people in new places, earning excellent pay and benefits? You can. By taking a few minutes to fill out the Rapid Apply […]

The Changing Role of School Nurses

In a recent edition of the monthly newsletter I receive in the mail from my family’s HMO, a letter from a reader asked, “Do we even have school nurses anymore? And, what do they do?” School nursing has evolved from the temperature-taking, bandage-applying friendly face we remember from our childhoods, and not all for the […]