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Whether you are a newly-minted R.N. or a veteran nurse, it is well-known that there are currently more Registered Nurse jobs than there are qualified professionals to fill them. If you’re on the hunt for your first nursing job or a new position, opportunities abound. But it’s important to find the right job. How does a Registered Nurse find the job that’s best for him or her?

Registered Nurse positions exist in various types of facilities, the most obvious being hospitals, of course, which comprise nearly 60% of all R.N. jobs. If you’re interested in working in a hospital, again, there are many different things to consider: for example, do you prefer a smaller, community hospital or a university-affiliated teaching hospital in a big city? Do you have a nursing specialty, such as emergency medicine or telemetry, and do you want to continue practicing in that area or try something new, like critical care or post-anesthesia/recovery? Along the same lines, but with more regular and traditional schedules, are R.N. jobs in doctor’s offices or walk-in clinics where you may see a couple dozen patients a day who are seeking routine or urgent care. If the personal touch is your forte, R.N.s provide home health care to housebound patients through social service agencies or hospital programs. Nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities afford nurses the chance to work with patients needing long- or short-term medical care for all kinds of injuries, illnesses and chronic conditions. If your lifestyle is suited to it, travel nursing is an exciting (and potentially very profitable) way to apply your skills, live and work in new places every few months and try out different kinds of R.N. jobs. And jobs for Registered Nurses are plentiful in settings that are often overlooked, such as schools and colleges, camps, correctional facilities, substance abuse treatment centers, state and municipal governments, shelters, the forensic and legal fields, and insurance companies. Some of these jobs are entirely administrative and involve no direct patient care; others are just as hands-on as an R.N. position on a busy surgical floor.

So, once you’ve narrowed down what kind of Registered Nurse job you want, in what kind of facility and in what locale, how do you find those jobs? Registered Nurses are in agreement that going it alone is not the best approach. You will get the job you want and get to work faster when you use the up-to-the minute database at www.nurserecruiter.com. Here, you can not only search for R.N. positions, but also post your resume and be found by employers who want you; a process that saves you time and energy and gets you working at the R.N. job you want, where you want, at the salary you want, faster and easier. With just a few clicks, you can explore Registered Nurse jobs at all kinds of healthcare facilities in cities and towns all over the country. And when you complete the Rapid Apply Form on www.nurserecruiter.com/apply, hundreds of employers looking for Registered Nurses with your background and skills will be able to access your information and contact you to express their interest and give you a chance to ask questions. Maybe the perfect Registered Nurse job is one you never even thought of, but it could find you when your resume appears on an employer’s search for Registered Nurses on www.nurserecruiter.com.

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