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Recruiting Nurses Just Got Easier!

Recruiting nurses just became easier, faster, and more affordable with the new Nurse Recruiter nurse marketplace. Thousands of new nurses register with us each month for help finding their next employment opportunity. We partner with nurse employers to provide:

  • A nurse search engine for targeting leads to jobs
  • A self-serve interface and instant access to leads
  • Access to nurses actively seeking employment
  • A resource to increase fill rates and profitability

Target Your Efforts

Finding a qualified nurse in the right location who is actively seeking employment and who is interested in your job can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Haphazardly cold-calling stale databases or spending your marketing budget on inefficient advertisements to the wrong nurses wastes your time and money while annoying nurses who aren’t interested in your jobs. Nurses want specific jobs and nurse employers want specific nurses and there is a better way.

We can provide you access to experienced health care professionals in the profession and expertise you are looking for who are actively seeking jobs in the locations where you have needs; and, we can do it with greater efficiency and at a lower cost through our expertise and scale. Register as an employer with Nurse Recruiter today to get started and revolutionize your nurse recruiting.

A Smarter Spend

Reallocate your marketing spend with Nurse Recruiter for a real return on investment. Stop wasting time and money on these ineffective and outdated methods yielding insufficient results:

  • Crowded job boards
  • Stale nurse databases
  • Expensive print ads
  • Ineffective job fairs
  • “Junk” mail campaigns

Contact us by May 29th, 2009 and mention the code “10FREEINMAY” for a quick demonstration where you will receive 10 FREE CREDITS redeemable for 10 nurse leads.

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