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Nurses Week 2013 Pizza Parties

We hope you enjoyed celebrating Nurses Week as much as we did! decided, at the very last minute, to give away pizza to nurses and their coworkers in 14 cities across the United States to celebrate Nurses Week 2013. As a struggling startup with only 5 full-time employees we are no huge corporation with deep pockets, we’re still small enough that spending hundreds on a pizza giveaway is something we have to check our bank and credit card balances for! But it was absolutely worth it! We had a blast and will give away pizza again next year! Please share the word with your fellow nurses, we depend on word-of-mouth and they get a chance to eat pizza on us next year. Everybody wins!

Nurses at Huntsville Hospital enjoying free pizza from during Nurses week 2013

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Amazing!!! I am proud to be a nurse. I love my profession.Nurses are beautiful,loving and caring. Happy nurses week. Great Nurses!!!