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Nurses On The Go: Weary Nurses

I read with a tearful heart and eyes the article submitted about remembering our calling as nurses. I have been nursing for 36 years, called by God when I was 4 years old. I just wanted to help heal not just the body but the soul. I got my dream and have loved my career desperately. In all of my nursing years, and by God’s Grace, I have never been reprimanded until I joined the fellowship of nurses where I currently am still employed. Of all things I thought of to be reprimanded for, I would have never dreamed of this one.

I was asked not to pray with my patients, instructed to leave this job to the chaplains, that is their job, she said. I could only thank my Heavenly Father for this reprimand, and gladly accepted it, but informed her that I would not now or ever stop praying with a patient or their families.

I work in a Cardiac stepdown unit, these folks are putting their very life into the able hands of our surgeons, yet they still ask for the support of the greatest physician of all. I informed my supervisor that she could write me up on a daily or hourly basis, and thanked her for it. To say that she was startled is an understatement,

I still hold hands and hearts, pray and share the love of God with all who need it and at the time that my Savior gives me the opportunity. He said I need you and I said where and this is how my career continues today. I am still the nurse that prays with her patients and yes, they also ask for me by name and the thrill of comforting has only gotten greater as time passes by.

Thanks for listening.

Sincerely Yours,


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