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Nurses On The Go: Remember The Calling

When I wake in the morning, I never know what God has in store for this ole’ Nurse.

As I drive to work, thoughts of what can happen stream through my mind. Will I loose my patience, or will the twelve hour shift take a toll on me, seven hours in? Will my mind stay clear of my own problems long enough to make critical decisions that effect my patient’s life? Will I make a medication error, or will someone not receive the care they deserve because of my patient load. Will I remember the patient at the very end of the hall? Will I meet the needs of my patient, physically and emotionally. Or will I be strong enough to hold a dying child’s hand as they slip away? Only to then turn and search for the right words to comfort grief stricken parents, who are lingering on every word…..searching for a reason……(I never want to relive that again)

This should go through every Nurses mind…..everyday……Am I strong enough to carry the responsibility of another person’s life? Am I willing to give of myself to a total stranger? Even if I am treated poorly by them? Who sets the standards of care you give to these strangers? Where is it written that a Nurse should give of herself….unconditionally?

If you agree with the concept that patients receive the quality of care based on the attitude they project to you…and you are a Nurse…go back to Nursing 101. I know of a Nurse who comes to work everyday with a smile on her face. The patients love her. They ask for her by name. Wow, what a difference she makes in a person’s life. I was once told that there is more to Nursing than just talking or “bonding” with patients. There is more to Nursing than saying good bye at the end of the day…..Well, this Nurse was almost right. There is more than just talking to your patients or connecting with them….but not much more. I feel this Nurse has lost herself in the everyday shuffle of her job. A routine that every patient is treated the same, regardless of the need. A robotic attitude produces a sour Nurse. My advice to her is to remember the calling.

When the human touch is the last thing you give a patient….it shows. Taking the human touch out of Nursing is nothing short of a Nurse who does a job; but a job to be a Nurse is a much greater approach. What an honor God gives us…to endure a calling for Nursing. As a Nurse, can you remember the calling God gave you? Where were you when he called your name to the profession of Nursing? What happened in your life that drove you to the honor of becoming a Nurse?

Florence Nightingale gave of herself. Born into a rich, upper class British family, she one day heard the calling of God’s mission for her. Timeless days were common to a single, childless woman. By night, she would carry a lamp to light her path to help care for those in need. With little to no money, a hospital was her home. At times, a blanket of stars is all she had to sleep with. A long white dress with a navy shaw, and a white cap was her attire. She traveled many miles, on foot, to help those who needed her. Never thinking of herself, and never complaining, she set standards that all Nurses should abide by. “With a human touch, care for those who demonstrate a need.”

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