It’s Nurses Week! We’re throwing you a pizza party, and we got beats too – Nurse Recruiter

It’s Nurses Week! We’re throwing you a pizza party, and we got beats too

It’s Nurses Week once again! Millions of nurses across the country will be celebrated for their dedication and the immense role they play in creating a safer, healthier America.

We want to say “thank you” too – and we’ll make it a double bill! First, we’ll give away a free lunch every day this week; more about that in a second. Second – well, just listen to this guy! He puts it better than I could. To the every day heroes, thank you, from!

So – about the free food! We’ve been giving away pizza lunches to nursing units nationwide to show our support for all you do since 2013. This year however, this guy called Robert tried to ruin our pizza party by suggesting we should replace it with pasta! Just because he’s the founder and CEO, he thought he could strip our sacred tradition from under our noses? I mean, spaghetti, really!?

But at, you nurses are our real boss. So we took our beef to social media and asked you.

The results were staggering… who do you think won? 😉

You got that right. We’re happily continuing our tradition of giving away free pizza to celebrate Nurses Week, and here’s how you and your colleagues can get involved.

GIF: Pizza party, interrupted
Live footage from the board room

1. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter to qualify.

2. Every day this week, we’ll post a free pizza announcement on both Facebook and Twitter.

3. Post a comment there telling us the name and location of the hospital or medical facility where you work (United States only, I’m afraid), and why you could really do with some pizza right now.

4. That’s it! Every day we will select who wins a free pizza lunch or dinner for you and up to 12 of your coworkers! (If there’s more of you and you don’t want anyone left out, let us know and we’ll see what we can do.) We’ll send you a FB message or Twitter DM to arrange the pizza delivery.

We hope you take pride in the achievements you’ve made over the past year, because you are awesome! Happy Nurses Week!

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One comment

Hello this is Joanne Harrison I have been a nurse for 42 years. I work at the Brentwood rehabilitation center at 56 Liberty St., Danvers, MA . I am out of work for two weeks due to medical reasons my director of nursing is Beth Fearon she can be reached that one phone number 19787772700 to verify if if The pizzas. An he delivered there to my coworkers on 1EAST. Her last day of work is this Friday and she transferred to another facility owned by same company. Beth is the Rey director of nursing whom I have worked for. Our new administrator name is Susan. She also can approve Liza on my behalf. Thank you sooo much. Best Regards, Joanne, I live i Newburyport,Ma mynumber is 9784621542 cell 9784077110