Extraordinary Nurses: Meet Rachelle Roggiero – Nurse Recruiter

Extraordinary Nurses: Meet Rachelle Roggiero

Rachelle Roggiero is the latest winner of of our weekly NurseSwag giveaway.

Rachelle Roggiero, registered nurse and volunteer firefighter

Rachelle is a registered nurse who works for an ambulance district covering an area of 400 square miles. She also works as a volunteer firefighter.

Rachelle Roggiero, the latest winner of the NurseSwag giveaway

I have been a registered nurse for 8 short years. I’ve known I wanted to get into the nursing field for a long time, but made choices that led me down a different path before I circled back around.

I’m a single mother of 4 crazy kids. I work, full time, on the ambulance district where we cover over 400 square miles of the county. On the ambulance, the state refers to RNs as Ambulance-Based Clinicians. I LOVE helping people in their emergencies (and sometimes non emergencies), and getting them safely to the hospital or transferred to the helicopter.

I’m also recently fire fighter 1 certified and working towards my FF2 certification. I am volunteering on 2 fire departments in our district.

I LOVE what I do and am striving to work harder and smarter in both my career and volunteer work and hope to pass on the love of nursing and fire fighting to my babies as they grow up. 🙂


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