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Nurses~4~Nurses E-zine April 2005

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the long awaited spring thaw (at least for those of us not living in the sun belt). This issue of Nurses~4~Nurses is packed with great articles so I hope you’ll take the time to ingest all the information.  As is always the case, we have headline Continue Reading

Nurses~4~Nurses – Volume VII Number 3 – September 2006

Nurses~4~Nurses – Volume VII Number 3 – September 2006 Hi everyone, and I hope you’re doing well.  Schools back in session and life is getting back to normal as we move in to the fall months.  As I noted in our last issue, you can look forward to some exciting changes to over the Continue Reading

Nurse Patient Ratios: A Cookie Cutter Won’t Fix The Problem

Staffing ratio debates have been going on for a number of years now.  States like California have already ratified such ratios but without adding any real teeth to the law.  Massachusetts has been battling for more than a year trying to get legislation passed.  So what are the issues, how does it impact nurses and Continue Reading

It’s Time To Unite

Having attended the National Council State Board of Nursing annual convention this month, I was once again reminded of the divisiveness of the nursing profession and the importance for us, at all levels of practice, to come together with a united voice.  I know that it seems an impossible task, but I am a true Continue Reading

An Open Letter To Nurses

Dear Colleague, It is with great pleasure that I send to you my best wishes for a great National Nurses Week to you.  It is a celebration to the noble profession to which you have dedicated yourself.  A profession rich with tradition and committed to an ever evolving process of improving the quality of life Continue Reading