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Nurses~4~Nurses E-zine April 2005

Hi everyone, I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the long awaited spring thaw (at least for those of us not living in the sun belt).

This issue of Nurses~4~Nurses is packed with great articles so I hope you’ll take the time to ingest all the information.  As is always the case, we have headline nursing news from around the U.S., and our NursingAlerts which covers updates about medications, and durable medical equipment published by the FDA.  This month’s special feature is an outstanding article on e-mail cover letters.

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I know that I say it all the time and I do mean it from my heart, I very much appreciate the support you have given us over the years.  I invite you to email me any time with your ideas, and suggestions.  We are committed to bringing a great number of new tools to this year and we’d love to know what are your greatest needs and wants.

Finally, let me ask that you share our newsletter with at least one co-worker and invite them to subscribe.  Best wishes to you and I hope that you’ll have a great month of May, I’ll be looking forward to all the stories about National Nurses Week.

Pat Mahan

Headline Nursing News

Kaiser Permanente Awards $580,000 to L.A. Nursing Schools; Accelerated Degree Programs Offer Hope for Nursing Shortages
04/22/05 – Business Wire

Click here for complete article.

Panhandle nursing shortage halts admissions to state vets home
04/22/05 – Associate Press

Click here for complete story.

Nursing the second time around
04/21/05 Jennie Wissner
Click here for complete story.

Greater Southeast searches globe for 55 new nurses
04/22/05 by Neil Adler, Washing Business Journal,, Washington DC
Click here for complete story.

Parents, Hospital Fight Over Comatose Boy
04/22/05 by A.J. Burkett, News 7, New York Click here for complete story.

Leaders break ground on new mental health hospital
04/23/05 by Shelvia Dancy & Web Staff, Butner, NC
Click here
for complete story.

Forced hibernation of mice may aid critical care
04/23/05 by Lauran Neergaard, AP, The Miami Herald Click here for complete story.


Tips for a Dynamic Email Cover Letter

by Randall S. Hansen, Ph.D.

This month’s special feature is an outstanding article written by Dr. Randall Hansen of Quintessential Careers.  In the article, Dr. Hansen covers several critical factors that should be considered any time you plan to e-mail an employer to inquire about a position.  The article covers the following areas:

  • Know the rules of a dynamic cover letter.
  • Don’t waste your Subject line
  • Your opening paragraph is critical.
  • Keep your cover letter short.
  • Take advantage of keywords.
  • Stick with plain styling (ASCII text).
  • Check your line length.
  • Always use standard cover letter protocol.
  • Don’t bother with attachments (unless requested to do so).
  • Always follow the companies guidelines.
  • Never hit “send” without thoroughly spell checking and proofreading your email letter.
  • Be sure to test the message before sending it to the company.

I strongly recommended that you take the time to read this article by Dr. Hansen, click here for the complete article.


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