Katy Schiel – Nurse Recruiter

Have You Ever Thought About Becoming a Flight Nurse?

What is it about flight nursing that makes seemingly sane nurses who are already under mountains of stress at their “routine” hospital jobs want to take on the added challenges of this all-encompassing job? Flight nurses care for the most critically ill or injured patients across all specialties of medicine and disease. Flight nursing is, […]

NurseRecruiter.com Newsletter: February 2012

Editor’s Letter Hello everyone, Much like the warmer winter temperatures throughout much of the country, the 2012 presidential election is really starting to heat up. No matter where you stand on the issues or whom you are rooting for, you have to agree it’s going to be an exciting year ahead. We thought you’d find […]

Beat Travel Nursing Stress With Yoga

While travel nurses may love the freedom, flexibility, and pay of their job, it can still be at times a very stressful experience. You’re dealing with new work situations far from your family and friends and far from your gym. What’s a travel nurse to do to beat stress while on the job? Yoga is […]

Nurses: Looking For Ways To Promote Women’s Health Through Physical Activity?

Working on the frontlines of healthcare everyday, no one knows better than nurses how greatly physical fitness can impact women’s health and wellbeing. Which is why an upcoming program from the US Department of Health and Human Services is a welcome way for nurses everywhere to promote physical activity to their patients. The WOMAN Challenge […]