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Travel nursing: an increasingly popular option for in-home care

Travel nursing is becoming extremely popular not only because nurses love the freedom, flexibility, and higher pay that travel nursing offers, but also because it’s a convenient choice for anyone needing in-home care. Once thought of only as an option for the ultra rich, private, or travel nurses are a viable heath care option for anyone, including retirees who would otherwise have to enter a nursing facility, and those recovering from major surgery or disease such as cancer.

Interested in becoming a travel nurse specializing in private in-home care? Now might be the best possible time to start a career in travel nursing. Patients are quickly becoming wise to the availability of travel nurses, and are seeing them as a more convenient and cost-effective option for either short-term or long-term care.

Patients 65 and over will get help paying for travel nurses through Medicare, which will pay for up to eight hours a day or 24 hours of care within a 60-day period. While in-home health aids are more affordable for long-term care, travel nurses are able to provide the skilled care that could make the difference between a speedy recovery and a less palpable outcome.

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