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Beat Travel Nursing Stress With Yoga

While travel nurses may love the freedom, flexibility, and pay of their job, it can still be at times a very stressful experience. You’re dealing with new work situations far from your family and friends and far from your gym. What’s a travel nurse to do to beat stress while on the job? Yoga is a great way for anyone to relax, center, and get fit. Yoga is a practice that’s especially suited to the demands of travel nursing since it can be done anywhere, anytime, with minimal or no equipment to lug around.

When you have a yoga practice, even if it’s a few favorite poses that you do for 10 minutes, you’re free from the tyranny of hotel gym hours and the whimsy of weather. All you really need is an area about 3’x6′ in a quiet place. Just pull out your travel yoga mat, pop in a yoga DVD, and you have a stress-busting practice that will help you face any of the challenges that might come out of your travel nursing job.

If you’re looking for community or the structure of a class, yoga studios are popping up all over, even in the smallest of towns.

No matter how you do it, a yoga practice can help give you more energy not only your travel nursing career, but the rest of your life as well!

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