What is it about flight nursing that makes seemingly sane nurses who are already under mountains of stress at their “routine” hospital jobs want to take on the added challenges of this all-encompassing job? Flight nurses care for the most critically ill or injured patients across all specialties of medicine and disease. Flight nursing is,… Continue reading

Nurses who enjoy traveling and want variety in their work experience have an amazing option available to them known as Travel Nursing. A travel nurse can contract through a specialty nurse-staffing agency, and work short-term or long-term assignments in different locations around the country. Sort of a work and vacation experience all-in-one, hand-picked by you!… Continue reading

Editor’s Letter The holiday season is upon us, and it brings with it joy, travel, family gatherings, parties, frantic shopping, additional cooking, stress, depression, overeating, excessive drinking, preventable accidents, and illnesses. All of us at NurseRecruiter.com want to wish you a happy and safe holiday season whether you are at work or at play. The… Continue reading