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Who’s your nursing superhero? Share your story with us

If you’re a nurse, you’ll have had that one colleague. The one who just has this gift with patients, who they remember with a smile. The one you learned something from that changed the whole way you looked at your work. The one who makes you laugh, right when you need it most. If they hadn’t been there, how would you have gotten through that one shift? Or maybe there’s a patient who wouldn’t have made it through…

But you don’t need to be a nurse to know the difference they can make! Any of us may know a nurse who is truly exceptional.

It may be the nurse who made that awful day in the hospital a little more bearable. Who did something so thoughtful, it almost made you cry. Or maybe it’s your friend, your husband, your mother, who does a harder job than you can imagine… Everyday nursing heroes. They might not even know it! They think they’re just doing their job.

We are giving you a way to tell them! Nominate your nursing superhero. Share your story with us. If your story gets selected for publication on our blog, we will get them an amazing, Superman-inspired “RN superhero” t-shirt from our brand new Nurse Swag site!

Photo: RN Superhero t-shirt
If we pick your story, we’ll send your nursing hero one of these t-shirts, in black, white, or blue!

Help us tell the real stories of nursing!

Many companies rely on stock photos and bland descriptions. We want to tell real-life stories and show real-life nurses. We asked you for photos and you’ve been sending us so many good ones! Now’s your chance to tell us about the RNs you admire most.

Don’t worry if you’re not much of a writer. We don’t expect you to write a report! Just use your own words to express why you admire or appreciate him or her as much as you do. Tell us an anecdote about something that happened, something that really moved you. We’ll write it up (and make sure to respect patient confidentiality).

Send your story to contest@nurserecruiter.com and make sure to include your name and the name of your nursing superhero. And don’t forget to tell us which size and color you prefer, because the t-shirts come in black, white or blue!

The small print

No entry fee is necessary to participate or win. The contest is void where prohibited by law, regulation, statute or other appropriate legal authority.

  • Send in as many entries as you like – there’s no limit!
  • The winning stories will be selected by NurseRecruiter.com.
  • The winner will receive an RN Superhero t-shirt by mail, to give to the nurse they admire the most. Please let us know the shirt size, color and shipping address.
  • Contestants grant NurseRecruiter.com a worldwide, perpetual and non-exclusive royalty-free license to reproduce and publish each submitted story.
  • Employees, agents, contractors and owners of NurseRecruiter.com and their immediate relatives and household members are not eligible to enter or win.

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