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Responses From LPNs

I am an RN in Virginia. I, too, have seen our LPNs being phased out. In fact, I believe our floor has the highest percentage of LPNs in the entire hospital. When I graduated nursing school in 2007 and began my career, I was trained by a seasoned RN. However, during the nights when I needed help or had questions, it was the 30-year seasoned LPN I went to. I think LPNs are getting a bad rap, not to mention the short end of the stick. Although we as RNs may have the book knowledge, these LPNs have been in the field on the frontlines for many years and can run circles around us newbees. There has got to be something that can be done to put value back into the LPN workforce!!!

–Carol V. Colon, RN

I have been a LPN for 43 years and have gone thru many “phase out” programs throughout the Health care system. However as always, LPN’s will prevail due to alot of new RN’s are not trained nor want to do hands on nursing, which is required in Health Care situations. I respect the RN for her knowledge, we need to be respected for ours and our ability to do the hands on. In alot of cases, we are the better nurses, Thanks for listening,

–Ellen Woods, LPN and proud of it

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