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Recruiting More Nurses With Less in Today’s Economy

Today more than ever, staffing companies are in a race to fill each open position. With more competition per job order, positions fill quickly and firms unable to keep pace face the prospect of fewer and fewer jobs being made available to them in today’s marketplace. specializes in online marketing that attracts nurses actively seeking employment in specific locations and specialties. We are able to put you at the front and center of leads that are targeted to your job orders and that will outperform the stale databases and crowded job boards so many other companies in the industry rely on.

We understand that in today’s economy agencies are not in a position to make an additional marketing spend, but we advocate a smarter spend. By focusing resources on nurses who are currently qualified, active in the job market, and interested in the jobs you have to offer, you will recruit more nurses for less.

We are offering 25% off all orders for the rest of April 2009 in order to earn your business. Contact us today for more information.

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