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Nursing Search Traffic

By now, the secret is out that search traffic is an invaluable source of recruitment leads and offers a better return on investment than leads generated from other marketing sources. After all, nurses have been conditioned to apply online and it makes perfect sense for recruiters to reach out to those who are actively seeking help finding a new job. The big players have been sweeping up the lion’s share of active candidates on the web but those same companies are paying a premium to link up with nurses online. Being competitive in generating organic lead flow can be very expensive with the time and resources required to build web sites and add SEO value to them. Companies leading the way spend hundreds of thousands of dollars, even millions, over years for their rankings. Those that rely on pay-per-click are doing well to acquire general registrations for $25 each and many of the less skilled spend significantly more for each nurse lead. Further, having no way to control who clicks your ad at your expense leaves one wondering if pay-per-click is worth the price if you have specific needs. offers nurse employers affordable access to fresh leads generated through search engine traffic along with the ability to pick and choose leads targeted to jobs.  We’ve spent years creating nursing employment websites that collect thousands of nurse registrations each month with the purpose of efficiently matching nurses with employers. Our employer-neutral nursing job sites inform nurses that we partner with leading health care employers with access to jobs they are looking for. With our simple self-serve interface, employers can register on and browse our nurse leads, paying only for those they need.  With thousands of new nurse leads arriving each month, employers are able to find the nurses they need more quickly and more cost-effectively than ever before.  Register with us today to search the nursing search traffic!

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