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The most fundamental component of a nurse recruiting operation, the set of candidate leads, is often undervalued. Nurse employers pay careful attention to the recruiters they hire, looking for strong sales people who can speak the language and have the ability to form a bond. There is almost always a neat presentation to learn and follow with the company selling points outlined in a compelling way. And, just as often, the candidate leads are an afterthought. Employers believe that acquiring a list of all licensed professionals should do the job or that a subscription to a large job board should suffice. However, this is not a recipe for efficient recruiting; it’s a recipe for frustrated recruiters and nurses.

Efficient recruiting has to begin with a foundation of quality leads and the best recruiters with the best of pitches will perform poorly without them.  Given a daunting licensure list or stale database to cull through, neither expert salesmanship nor company selling points are going to help.  These people are simply uninterested in what is being offered.  Waiting for a trickle of nurses to find and apply to posted jobs or competing with dozens of other employers for the same pool of nurses isn’t terribly effective, either.  However, having exclusive access to fresh leads representing nurses actively looking for new opportunities and having nurses targeted to your open jobs can make recruiting an efficient, more pleasant and more profitable experience. offers a refreshing new way to identify the right nurses for hire.  Our convenient self-serve interface allows for instant access to quality, targeted nurse leads and provides recruiters a fundamental resource necessary for success. Register today to take matters into your own hands and get back to recruiting basics in a very affordable and effective way!

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I am a RN recent grad approx. 1 year ago from St. Vincent’s Nursing College and I also have a BS in Law (paralegal certificate). I am ACLS, PALS, IV Certified and have up to date my BLS. Please contact me at your earliest convience. Thank you in advance.