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Nurse, vote! Help us get out the nurse vote this November

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Donald Trump is not running. Neither is Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama. But even if your heart might not skip a happy or fearful beat when you think of Kevin McCarthy or Steny Hoyer, the upcoming midterm elections are going to be as important as any you can think of!

What’s important for the country is also important for nurses. Especially for nurses! Because any problem that exists out there — from the opioid crisis to gun violence— will sooner or later show up in hospital beds.

In this election, health care is front and center in many campaigns. Congress almost repealed the Affordable Care Act last year. Now, Medicare expansion is on the ballot in three states, and will be put on or taken off the agenda in six more, depending on who wins. Some candidates go further and demand Medicare-for-all.

But there’s much more at stake still than those hot-button issues. The politicians who make it into office this November can make their mark on a whole range of issues that directly affect your work.

Laws can, for example, restrict the amount of overtime your employer can make you work, or allow nurse practitioners to practice independently. Should your state, or maybe even Congress, impose minimum nurse-to-patient ratios? Should they pass laws that would force hospitals to buy enough patient lifts, or tackle the gender pay gap? In principle, everything is up for grabs!

That’s why we want to help get out the nurse vote, and why we’re asking you to help us help. Whether you vote Democratic or Republican, we’d like to encourage you to have your say and cast a vote.

We will give away free gifts from our NurseSwag store to nurses who send us the best Election Day selfies – with or without the famous “I voted” sticker!

There’s not a lot of rules – barely any, in fact. Just scroll on down for more info.

We’ve also made two Nurse Vote logos. If you like them, share them online and let your friends and colleagues know why you think everyone should vote!

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Just click on either of them (here or on top of the page) to download the one you like, and share it wherever you want!

How to win the “I Voted” nurse selfie contest

It’s easy!

Just email your photo(s) to or send us a private message on Facebook or Twitter. If you’d like, add something about why you thought it was especially important to vote this year.

The usual small print applies:

  • No entry fee is necessary to participate or win. The contest is void where prohibited by law, regulation, statute or other appropriate legal authority.
  • The winning nurses will be selected by NurseRecruiter
  • The winner will receive an awesome NurseSwag gift from NurseRecruiter. If you are selected, we’ll contact you to get your mailing address and confirm any details like size and color.
  • Contestants grant NurseRecruiter a worldwide, perpetual and non-exclusive royalty-free license to reproduce and publish each submitted story/comment and photo.
  • Employees, agents, contractors and owners of NurseRecruiter and their immediate relatives and household members are not eligible to enter or win.

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