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NCSBN Invitational Forum

The National Council State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) convened an Invitational Forum today to collaborate with more than a dozen organizations.The purpose, to discuss the role that state boards of nursing play in the regulation of nursing education.  The NCSBN was armed with studies and research to address issues with nursing education at both the LPN and RN levels.

In the end, the systematic review of the 26 research studies used for this conference found that the IOM competencies listed below are congruent with nursing education:

  1. Working effectively within the team
  2. Understanding the pathophysiology
  3. Delegating tasks to others
  4. Analyzing multiple types of data when making client-related decisions
  5. Administering meds to a group


Based on the systematic review of the research, the evidenced based educational elements of an effective nursing education include:

  • Teaching specialty knowledge as independent courses
  • Integrate critical thinking, use of information technoloy, and evidence based practice throughout the curriculum
  • Use faculty who teach didactic courses to also teach clinical
  • Increase faculty availability to students
  • Promote quality faculty-student interactions
  • Provide transition programs to address specialty knowledge

This is one of the most comprehensive reviews of nursing education ever done.  We hope that educators and schools will find this helpful.


American Association of Colleges of Nursing
American Nurses Association
American Organization of Nurse Executives
Center for Innovation, National Board of Medical Examiners
Citizen Advocacy Center
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Department of Physiological Nursing, UCSF
Joint Commission on Accreditation of Health care Organizations
Kaiser Permanente
National Association for Practical Nursing Education and Services, Inc.
National Federation of Licensed Practical Nurses
National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission
National League of Nursing
National Organization of Associate Degree Nurses
National Student Nurse Association
University HealthSystem Consortium

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