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National Survey of Nurses

The Nurse Advocate Organization, NAO, conducted a national feedback survey of nurses and the results are interesting. The NAO’s primary mission is to support nurses in the work environment and act as an advocate with administrations. The survey had a total of ten questions relating to various areas such as, staffing shortages, department heads and policies. An example of a question asked is, “Do you think your hospital’s administration is in touch with your daily challenges?” 44.7% of nurses asked said, “Not at all.”

The most interesting answers came in response to this question, “If you could say anything to your administration through NAO, what would you tell them?”

Here is a sample of answers:

  • We need more breaks; have not had lunch in a week.
  • Please overstaff daily, there are always sick calls. Would rather volunteer to go home than work short staffed.
  • Come out of your office, work on the floor and see what it is really like.
  • Bring back the good patient care you talk about in your Mission Statement.
  • Please listen to your nursing staff.
  • Better pay and more coverage.
  • Work in the bedside at least four shifts a year.
  • Don’t cut back on the frontline staff and make sure that training and education are not cut to make the budget balance.
  • Listen and support your nursing staff.
  • Resign.
  • Get real!! It could be you in that bed needing supportive life saving care!
  • There were many, many more responses. Interesting food for thought.

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