Happy Nurses Week! – Nurse Recruiter

Happy Nurses Week!

NursingJobs.us decided to drop some bars to celebrate Nurses Week, please share with any nurses you know!

Random Acts of Pizza for nurses coming up!

Nurses at Huntsville Hospital enjoying free pizza from NursingJobs.us during Nurses week 2013
Nurses at Huntsville Hospital enjoying free pizza from NursingJobs.us during Nurses Week 2013

This week, NursingJobs.us will once again be sending free pizza to nurses to celebrate National Nurses Week! For a chance to win a free pizza lunch or dinner for you and up to 12 of your coworkers, all you need to do is post a comment with the name and location of the hospital or medical facility where you would like your pizza sent. If you are selected, we will contact you to arrange delivery of your pizza.

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University of Virginia-Charlottesville, VA
1204 West Main Street 4th floor-Battle Building

We would love some Pizza!!!!!!!!

Shout out from the University Surgical family in San Antonio, TX
Happy Nurses Week!

Ochsner Hospital OR Main Campus, New Orleans, LA

Love it! CVICU night shift at Kennestone hospital in Marietta GA would love some pizza!

Thanks from Laura Rodriguez, Rn @ Manor Care of Boulder 🙂
As usual, the day shift at my facility gets all the recognition and treats, leaving evenings (me) and nights with nothing. I’d love to treat my over worked CNA’s to pizza one night. Thanks again <3

I am an employee of Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital in Spring Hill, Florida. Getting our patients back home and to their lives in the most supportive and customer oriented environment is our goal. We have exceptional staff-Physicians, Nurses, PT, OT,ST and rehab techs to help complete this goal. Our hospital is a clean, comfortable place to rehabilitate thanks to our wonderful housekeeping staff. We have an excellent dietary department that is knowledgeable on the nutrition needs of our patients and prepare the best meals. Ours is a team oriented, friendly environment where patient/family satisfaction and achievement of their goals is top priority. I feel blessed with working within this environment.

Happy Nurses week guys!! I work at tomball hospital in tomball tx..

Cute video. Proud to be a nurse! I work at Avera McKennan Hospital for the Hospitalist Office in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Thank you for recognizing nurses week. Nurses truly work hard and help so many. They need to be recognized more often. Thanks to the nurses for their caring & dedication to patients and family members.

I work in the labor and delivery department at OSF St. Mary’s Hospital in Galesburg, IL and we love pizza!!

East GA Regional Medical Center in Statesboro, GA… Emergency Department Nurses would love some pizza!! We are always on the go & rarely have time to eat!! We are ALWAYS SAVINGS LIVES & LIVING THE DREAM!!! 😷🤕🤒💉💊😘

I have been a RN for over 5 years currently working in geriatric psych with Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. I love my job. It is one of the most fulfilling things I have ever done.

Nurses impact health care greatly. Nursing, impacting patient quality of life with one patient at a time.

I like that, that was way cool!

Evergreen House Health Center, 1 Evergreen Dr, East Providence, RI 02914

My nurse family has been putting in 199% during our recent and lingering staffing shortage! They deserve a special treat just for being awesome!

If I win, please deliver to Wesley Woods in Newnan, GA. Thanks!

Ocala Surgical Associates in Ocala Florida would love free pizza. Thanks so much for doing this.

Thank You! So much for taking the time to recognize us nurses. GOD BLESS!!

Happy Nurses week. I would like to send a shout out to
Aime Hospice in Alexandria, Louisiana.

We would love some pizza!

This video was very appreciative it is good to feel recognized by many for all the hard work we do as nurse. Nor to mention the sacrafices we have to endure everytime we start our shift. I. Am really proud to be a nurse and to serve the community.

I love being a nurse! It allows me to provide for my three kids as a single mom! I work at a local pediatric office, can’t get enough kids! Lol

I work at Peninsula Regional Medical Center in Salisbury, MD on the floor known as 3 Layfield. This floor is the cardiac/thoracic floor where we take care of post op heart and lung patients. I work the 7pm-7am shift with a great bunch of people. These nurses display great teamwork and patient care satisfaction! I wouldn’t want to work any where else!!!

Happy Nurses Week to all fellow nurses, whatever role you maybe in! I work with an amazing team of RNs, trying to resolve negative payment situations for our facilities. We solve the many mysteries of why insurance companies deny the claims of their insured, our patients. A very non-traditional role for nurses, but we have all definitely put in our time in the clinical trenches and come from a vast and varied background. May everyone feel appreciated this and every week. Our healthcare system, and more importantly our patients, need us!!

I am prouf to be a nurse and work with an amazing team at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore MD. Bringing babies into the world is an amazing experience.

Totally Awesome and uplifting! The video help reinforces nurses role are vital and we are appreciated. This made me smile.

Thank you!

TIAA-Cref Health Center
Andrew Caernegie Blvd,
Charlotte, NC

Awesome 🙂 Have happy and blessed nurses week!

An interesting video clip – cudos to the artist!
Terry Mathews
North Cypress Medical Center

Thank you so much for sharing the rap. Very nice work! Nurses continue to ROCK!!

Bryce Hospital
1516 Ruby Tyler Parkway
Tuscaloosa, Alabama. 35404

Happy Nurses Week to all my fellow Nurses! No matter what your specialty, no matter where you work, we make a difference in our patient’s lives every day. Keep on rockin’ YOUR superpowers!
Gwen Boggan, RN BSN
Mountain View Regional Medical Center
Las Cruces, NM

Springfield Clinic Decatur
1770 E Lake Shore Dr. Suite #105
Decatur, Illinois

Thanks so much for shout out for nurses week.. We definitely work hard.. But it is very rewarding as well 🙂

Novant health Orthopedic hospital Charlotte NC

Pain Management services 2nd floor

Happy nurses week ..to all my coworkers in the pre admit testing unit (PAT) of emory johns creek hospital ..we are the csi (caring services investigators of the hospital providing pre operative “investigations”before patients surgery. You all rock!!

Would love to surprise my gang with a pizza!!
University of Louisville Hospital 8 South
Louisville, KY

The nurses at Vange John Memorial Hospice (Good Shepherd Medical Center) in Hermiston, OR would love to have some pizza for a nurse’s week treat!!!

Travel nurse case manager @ Chesapeake Regional Medical Center! These guys work really hard & have been so nice to me- would love to thank them somehow and pizza might be the perfect answer!
Happy Nurse’s Week!

Thank you to all the nurses out there, your job is not an easy one, yet through all kinds of weather you show up and give 200%. You are a loyal bunch of hard working sacrificing people, there are not a lot of people who can do what you do, be proud of who you are and what you do, always stay strong, humble, and kind. I am proud to be one of you, I am an RN. I work at West Minister Village in Allentown PA skilled facility

Happy Nurses week to all my coworkers. It is an honor to be a nurse. Best job EVER.! I work at a nursing facility in Oakwood Village , Ohio. We love pizza

The video was great! I would like to say Happy Nurses week to all of our wonderful nurses out there! Being a nurse is very fulfilling, even with the long hours and hard work, seeing a patients smile makes it all worth it!
Great Plains Regional Medical Center, Elk City, Oklahoma.

Awesome! Preferred Pediatric Home Health- Oklahoma City, OK

Loved the Nursing Rap video on U Tube! I work for Maxim Health Care in Las Vegas Nevada. Would love to win pizza for staff and co-workers. I am a registered nurse , but want to add the staff at both the Home Health and Staffing office is awesome, courteous and friendly. I would like them all to receive free pizza in honor of National Nurses Week. All the Nurses work very hard and are passionate and compassionate people!

Thanks for the lively tribute to the nursing profession!! So proud to be one of them! Happy Nurse’s Week to all!!

Kindred Stratford Commons
Glenwillow, Ohio

(Haven’t met a nurse yet who didn’t like pizza!)

Nurses work VERY hard every day and sometimes do not even get a break for lunch at all. Nurses appreciate the ” little things” , like free lunch, and they go right back to taking care of everyone’s loved ones. My nurses at Millennium Healthcare of Clifton in Clifton NJ are the most caring and compassionate people I know. It is an honor to work with them.

Michele Miller , Director of Nursing
Millennium Healthcare of Clifton
925 Clifton Ave, Suite 201
Clifton NJ 07013

Cute video! Happy Nurse’s week to all my fellow nurses out there!
Our jobs are all so different. MD Home Health in Phoenix, AZ is the large home health company I work for here in the east valley. We see all sorts of patients with all the varying diagnoses. Home Health is definitely not an easy job, as many do think!

Thank you for recognizing nurses everywhere 😊 We are a group of psych nurses that work hard to show our compassion to the clients we touch each day and love what we do!!!

The nurses on unit 66 work hard night and day to give our patients good excellent care. We would more than excited and appreciative if we were selected for the free pizza dinner. Happy Nurses week to all the nurses out there continue to give good excellent care and advocate for our patient’s 🙂
Kansas University Medical Center
Kansas City, Kansas

Happy Nurses’ week. Nursing has many different faces. Working with individuals dealing with addiction is a challenge as well as rewarding . The nurses at Denver Recovery Group are dedicated to assissting each individual to reach their goal of becoming and remainig drug free. Thanks for the awesome video. P.S. we love pizza
Jo Noble RN BSN
Denver Recovery Group
Denver, Colorado

Video was pretty good. Thanks

Please send us some pizza at Tampa General Hospital, Fl. 8F Transplant RNs weekend night shifters. Happy Nurses Week!

We would love pizza for our unit’s “Vampire Crew” (night staff) at Our Lady of Consolation Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in West Islip New York!!!!

I’ve been just viewing different videos on nursing-thus making me realize why I went into nursing. Knowing that I effect someone’s life by providing not just the physical care but also their emotional part of them that we sometimes forget we effect. I love nursing-don’t know what else I would be doing. When I saw this-I said-why not-I remember on a routine night-one of my fellow nurses-said-“Wouldn’t it be nice to have some pizza”-it was a busy shift that day. What a better way for us to bond & just take a breathe & enjoy that pizza.

Almost forgot-Its the Gero behavioral unit(5th floor)@ St Luke’s Medical Center in Phoenix, Az. Have to have this to get the pizza-we’ll be waiting. What a great treat to Celebrate Nurses Week.

Great video and happy nurses week to all the other wonderful school nurses at Trussville City Schools, in Trussville, Alabama!

The everyday heros at the Agency for Health Care Administration (Bureau of Medicaid Policy) in Tallahassee, Florida are the best!! We work with the policy for reimbursement of Medicaid providers. We would love a pizza lunch. If we don’t recognize ourselves, no one else will.

The Public Health Nurses at Westchester County DSS Home Care Services would love to have a pizza party.

I have been a nurse since 1971 and have worked doing all kinds of nurseing. I am presently a school nurse with 1200 Kindergarden, 1st and 2nd graders. I have some amazing administration, Principal, 2 asst principals, social worker, 3 counselors who help with some ofmy nursing duties. As you can tell , I am probably swarmed with students with medical problems. I hope we win a Pizza Party. Go SUDDUTH ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!

Nursing is the most important, rewarding and difficult job ever. Despite of the difficulties, we, nurse, love our job and try to do as much as possible to help people. Happy Nurses week to everyone!!!

RN Natasha
Integra MLTC
2701 Emmons Ave
Brooklyn NY 11235

Me and my friendly staff would love to enjoy pizza at Daniel Jenkins Academy, Haines city FL.

Me and my friendly staff would love to enjoy pizza at Daniel Jenkins Academy, Haines city FL.

I love the video. Very cool idea and thank you to all my fellow NURSES!! You rock:)

we are a hard working group of nurses who love our patients and also PIZZA !!!! At Harbor Healthcare in Lewes ,Delaware we celebrate all the other nurses in the world !!

We, the nurses on Northwest 5, at Jersey Shore University Medical Center in Neptune NJ work very hard and are proud to be nurses!

Happy Nurses week!

Happy Nurses Week! Thanks for all that you do! We all have different specialties and the are all challenging in some ways!

Free pizza lunch for Facey Urgent Care, Valencia,CA. YAY!!!

I have been a nurse for 25 years, currently working at Broward Health Medical Center in the ER. I never entered the profession for recognition or accolades. Yet, it is nice to see nurses celebrated for what we do! Nursing can be a tough job, but always rewarding!

I’m in Davenport, Iowa. Work nights in ICU. Thank you ! It is nice to tell you’ve done a good job or appreciate what you have done for them or a family member.