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Find nurses: use the industry’s best nurse search engine

“Overfishing,” by staff. Year:2017. Medium: MS Paint.

Finding and hiring nurses online is an incredibly competitive landscape and using general resources such as general-purpose job boards is the most competitive territory of them all, as everyone from huge systems and the niche job boards themselves are using the same resources for increasingly diminishing returns.

General-purpose job boards are priced for general purposes, and nurses are in high demand. This means that general-purpose job boards and their under-priced nurse data is the typical over-fished pond that the economic theory of the tragedy of the commons leads us to expect.

Stale databases relying on sources like state license data are hardly a good alternative, since a significant amount of the information in them is outdated or missing key contact info. Moreover, everyone in the industry has already tried mining that data.

In short, when you find data that is priced under market value you can expect it to perform poorly, since it will have been utilized well beyond the point where diminishing returns have made it stop being useful.

The type of resource that works best will be actively marketing to nurses, and to justify those significant marketing spends, it will be charging market prices for this valuable data. That’s what we do at We work hard to be the leading resource for hiring nurses online. We provide an industry leading nurse database at competitive market prices, where you can find nurses using nursing-specific search criteria.

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