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Different Types of Nursing Careers

Nursing is one of the most exciting and in-demand jobs in America today. In terms of the variety of career options it offers, it’s second to no other profession. Here are some of the subject areas in which a nurse can specialize today: JOB AGENCY NURSES sign up with a nurse staffing agency and work at assignments offered by the organization, in line with the nurse’s specialization and preferences. These temporary assignments in some cases roll over into permanent positions as well. TRAVEL NURSES take up positions in different parts of the country, usually for 13-week assignments. It is ideal for nurses who’d like to travel and see different parts of the country while working. There are quite a few staffing agencies that specialize in travel nursing. It provides not only a good income but also a generous benefits package that usually includes full medical coverage, free housing, full reimbursement of all licensing fees, etc. AMBULATORY CARE NURSES are needed to help outpatients who typically stay for less than 24 hours in a hospital. They provide a wide variety of diagnostic and other medical services, sometimes under time pressure. NURSE ANESTHETISTS work in critical surgery settings as an important part of the surgery team, administering anesthesia to the patients. This type of work requires special training due to the high-liabilities involved.

EMERGENCY NURSES work in a high-pressure emergency setting where the patients need be diagnosed quickly, racing against time. That’s why people skills are paramount for an emergency nurse. In the United States, RNs earn the Certified Emergency Nurse (CEN) certification after they pass a written test.

ONCOLOGY NURSES take care of cancer patients. Certification is not necessary but interested RNs can get oncology certified by Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC).

PEDIATRIC NURSES take care of infants, children and teenagers. This is a family-centered nursing specialization in which the nurse stays in close contact with the family members and becomes an active partner in the proper care of the child.

GERIATRIC NURSES take care of old adults either in hospital, home or nursing home settings. A nurse specializing in geriatrics must have a lot of patience and endurance since most of the time he or she will be dealing with very sick and frail individuals with complicated ailments.

MIDWIFE NURSES are trained in helping deliver babies in a home or hospital setting. They are knowledgeable in pre- and post-natal complications and care. Since post-natal mortality represents a significant portion of all infant mortality cases, the important role of the midwife nurses cannot be overstated.

MILITARY NURSES sometimes work in probably the most challenging of all environments ďż˝ the combat zone. They need to be not only well trained in all kinds of emergency procedures but also be team players who can remain cool under pressure. But not all military nurses work at the combat zone. There are many who provide medical services at home bases as well.

There are dozens of other career specialization choices that a nurse can make, including Critical Care, Gastroenterology, HIV/AIDS, Psychiatry, Clinical Research, Trauma, Urology, etc.

For a fairly comprehensive list of different nursing careers please visit the following Wikipedia page: Nursing Specialties

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