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Dear nurses, these two chronically ill college students have a message for you

Online, they call themselves “Nemo” (“just keep swimming”) and “Tremors”. They’re college roommates, fighting the odds to get their degrees while struggling with severe illness. “Nemo” had her first heart surgery when she was six months old, and her second when she was six years old. She’s been diagnosed with Polysplenia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, and severe scoliosis. “Tremors” has a rare autoimmune disease called Satoyashi Syndrome, and spends a weekend in the hospital every five weeks hooked to an IV. They tell their story in this video, and together they have been writing a blog to share their experiences, support and inspire others, and provide advice.

This month, they shared a heartfelt message for the nurses who care for them and all the other nurses out there. They just wanted to say, “thank you”.

Quote: Thank you, nurses

Without nurses, they write, “we would not be able to survive”. And that’s about so much more than just giving out medications, they insist. When you are running around your nursing job on a busy day, you might not always stop to think about all the small things you do, the things that aren’t about the medical training you received but that come from the heart. The letter by “Nemo” and “Tremors” will remind you:

Thank you for becoming a nurse, because I honestly do not know what I would do without you. I know my machines go off constantly. You are always there to help, and know what to do. You are the one who is making conversation and seeing if I am truly okay. Even though you may have come into my room to do a vitals check, you end up helping me with my work, you listen to my problems, and offer advice.

The thing that stands out in their letter is how nurses are the ones they trust to always be on their side. Doctors may cure them, but nurses stand up for them. “You are the one who knows me better than the doctors and other specialists in this place. You are always in my corner, even when I think that I am all alone. You always are the one I can count on to have my back, and I trust that you know what is best for me.”

This is their message to you. “While you think that you are simply doing your job, in reality you are doing so much more, you are helping to change our lives for the better. Thank you for being the true heroes of the hospital.”

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So sweet! I wholeheartedly believe that nurses are the backbone of our society and are underappreciated. I was a nurse for nearly 30 years and enjoyed every minute of it, even the hard parts. I hope that this profession gets more light shun upon it and that us nurses continue to get credit like this.