Becoming a nurse: Meet Michaela Sareboune – Nurse Recruiter

Becoming a nurse: Meet Michaela Sareboune

Since we launched the Scholarship a few months ago, we have received hundreds of applications from some amazing and brilliant people who all share a passion for helping others and improving themselves and the world by becoming a nurse. It certainly wasn’t easy to select just one to be the next recipient of the scholarship.

Today, we are proud to announce that Michaela Sareboune has been awarded a Scholarship grant. Michaela is an LPN who is studying to become an RN and is enrolled in the Associate of Science in Nursing degree program at Ozarks Technical Community College in Missouri.

We were inspired and impressed by her incredible application essay about pushing through to the “other side of fear” to become a nurse.

Becoming A Nurse: The Other Side of Fear

American author Jack Canfield once said: “Everything you want is on the other side of fear.” I have found this to be true, especially after as I completed Ozark Technical Community College’s LPN program. After pushing through my many fears, I thought I was done – until nursing pushed me even farther.

I became a registered nursing student on August 21st of this year. Nursing presses its participants to work harder, to think more critically, and to grow stronger in conviction. There are many long nights that test my endurance; many lengthy clinical days where I have wondered: “Can I really do this? Is it worth the work?” In short, it most definitely is. Though nursing can be a difficult and daunting job at times, I have come to realize that those who stick with it do not leave when struggles present themselves.

Michaela Sareboune, the latest winner of a Scholarship.

For quite some time, I have known that I would stay – and I have reaped many rewards in the short time I’ve spent as a caregiver. I currently have the privilege of working as an LPN, and experiencing firsthand the resilience, vulnerability, and love of life that so many of my patients possess.

There is more to the job for me than just technical skill. To me, healthcare is an interesting and exciting challenge. There is not a day that goes by without learning something new from my patients, fellow nurses, and other members of the healthcare team. As I observe the registered nurses around me, I notice how they actively participate in their profession, whether it’s moving on to teaching and research, or specializing in a particular field and making it their passion. In the end, it is their desire and goal that patients benefit.

During the past two months of nursing school, I have had the opportunity to shadow wonderful leaders in my city. I have spent hours with forensic nurses who assist in defending abuse victims, oncology nurses who actively advocate for the comfort of their patients, and ER nurses that put in countless hours of training in order to serve Springfield in times of need. School nurses watch over some of our most vulnerable populations, and public health nurses strive to promote well-being.

It was not long before I realized that I wanted to grow too.

As much as earning my RN would allow for professional growth, it would allow for even more personal and spiritual growth. Entering and completing this program means that I can fulfill my goal of healing and educating those in need. I believe that every human being is deserving of proper medical care, and has the right to good health. When a disaster strikes, I want to be there. When a patient is too frightened to comprehend their diagnosis, I want to comfort them. When the citizens of my community deal with illness of their own, I want to educate and empower them to keep healthy.

All of this has taught me that communities are only as strong as their individual components, and the world can become a happier place through the efforts of each successful community. I want to play an active role in this.

After gaining my ASN and attaining further hospital experience, I would like to be involved in community nursing in my area of Springfield, Missouri – and wherever else the work takes me. As I reach toward the sky and grasp for my goals, I will continue to push to “the other side of fear.”

What are your goals?

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