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The Joys of Travel Nursing

Nurses who enjoy traveling and want variety in their work experience have an amazing option available to them known as Travel Nursing. A travel nurse can contract through a specialty nurse-staffing agency, and work short-term or long-term assignments in different locations around the country. Sort of a work and vacation experience all-in-one, hand-picked by you! […] Newsletter: April 2012

Well, nurses, this is a very bittersweet hello to you all. This is my final newsletter with Nurse Recruiter. I have truly enjoyed writing this newsletter the past few years. It has been such a learning experience for me. I have always had a huge appreciation for nurses and have written about some of my […] Newsletter: March 2012

Editor’s Letter As I write this, I am listening to the weather forecasters spend hours trying to create informative newscasts about a possible impending storm coming to the Northeast tonight. Quite often when I hear the reporters, I think they must be scrambling for interesting news as many of the stories are rather trivial and […] Newsletter: January 2012

Editor’s Letter Happy New Year to everyone! I always like this time of year because it is a time for renewal, a chance to do it over again and maybe get it right this time. The health club I belong to always has an overflow of members during the month of January as everyone strives […]

Thanks To a Navy Nurse

When U.S. Navy and other military personnel are deployed overseas they can thank Immunization Nurse Specialist Stephen W. Dolak, BSN, BSEd, RN for protecting them against vaccine-preventable diseases. His initiatives have dramatically improved the immunization program at the U.S. Navy’s Fisher Branch Health Clinic and this has earned Stephen Dolak the American Nurses Association (ANA) […]

Employers Offering On-site Clinics

In an effort to curb rising health care costs, major employers across the country are opening their own health centers where doctors and nurses provide medical care to their workers. This cost cutting strategy has been adopted by dozens of companies; usually large employers that are self-insured and pay their own medical claims. Walt Disney […] Newsletter – July 2011

Editor’s Letter Happy Independence Day! I’m sure that many of you celebrated the fourth of July with cookouts and fireworks. The signing of the Declaration of Independence signaled the beginning of freedom for the United States of America. Without that document in 1776, freedom and this country would look a lot different. Nursing looks a […]

National Survey of Nurses

The Nurse Advocate Organization, NAO, conducted a national feedback survey of nurses and the results are interesting. The NAO’s primary mission is to support nurses in the work environment and act as an advocate with administrations. The survey had a total of ten questions relating to various areas such as, staffing shortages, department heads and […]

The Workload is The Striking Point

The union that represents registered nurses at both Tufts Medical Center in Boston and Saint Vincent Hospital in Worcester notified both health care providers that it plans a one-day strike on May 6th to emphasize the nurses’ demand for higher staffing levels. The nurses threatening to strike at Tufts Medical Center and Saint Vincent Hospital […]

Nurses Strike Averted at Tufts

Negotiators for the Tufts Medical Center and the Massachusetts Nurses Association agreed on an 18-month contract extension, only hours before 1,100 registered nurses were set to walk off their jobs at the Boston teaching hospital. The tentative deal was reached after 15 hours of bargaining, which extended into the overnight hours. The deal helped to […]