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Because nursing is better together… Our photo contest now features a special $500 group prize!

Photo contest winner: Cassandra Hoff

Some things, only a fellow nurse can really understand. Ain’t that the truth? The stuff we go through sometimes… No matter how much you’d try to explain it to a friend or a relative, they wouldn’t get it! Not really. That’s why a good nursing team is one where you can rely on your “work Continue Reading

“Everybody is competing for travel nurses right now” — salaries are high, but we need to talk about mental health

Map: Currently hospitalized with Covid-19

Coronavirus is not over. The crisis response jobs are still there, and they pay well! We can help you find those nursing jobs. But we have to be honest about the costs too. We need urgent action to protect nurses better. Not just because many nurses are, incredibly, even now, still not getting the PPE Continue Reading

What’s the hold up? The PPE shortage that never went away

Quote image: "The bottom line is, if you cannot protect healthcare workers and they get sick, the whole system goes down"

It’s the issue that just doesn’t seem to go away. Even now, from coast to coast, too many nurses have to improvise with unsafe equipment. Reusing masks and face shields. Storing N95s in paper bags. Even where there is now enough PPE, worries are mounting that there will still not be enough if there is Continue Reading

We picked another photo contest winner, will you be next?

Photo contest winner: Cassandra Hoff

With our ongoing nurse photo contest, we’re going to keep on going, and we will keep on picking new $100 winners! You can read everything about our contest, why we are doing it, and what you can expect, right here: Nurses deserve to be seen. Win $100 in our photo contest! This time, we decided Continue Reading

Progress! The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact is fully implemented in Indiana. Next up, Michigan, Pennsylvania or Vermont?

eNLC Map

The Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact (eNLC) is the easiest way to help American nurses find the jobs they need — and where they are needed most. But getting it implemented in new states can be a frustratingly drawn out and bureaucratic political process. Slowly but steadily, however, progress is being made! The latest milestone: as Continue Reading

Light at the end of the tunnel? How a health emergency triggered mass lay-offs of healthcare workers

Chart: Is the worst over? A shrinking healthcare sector starts to rebound

It seems counterintuitive, and it’s really not how things should work: when a health emergency erupted in the United States, health workers started being furloughed and laid off en masse. How could that happen, and what can we expect next? “All hands on deck,” they said. But weeks later, nurses started getting sent home It Continue Reading

“I have cried more in these past several weeks than I ever have in my entire nursing career”: one brave nurse’s heartbreaking account of working on the front lines in New York City

Quote image: "I feel like God sent me here to help people"

We were not prepared for this. Not prepared to cry. Not prepared for an account as moving and revealing as this testimony by Stacey Phelps, a nurse from Alabama who volunteered to work in New York City to fight Covid-19. Earlier this month, when we asked you to send in your photos and stories “because Continue Reading

In their own words: the nurses who shared their photos and stories in our Nurses Week contest!

Nurses Week 2020 photo contest collage

We can’t wait to let you know about the first winner of the nurse photo contest we launched this Nurses Week! But we want to do more than that here. We want to thank all the other nurses who stepped forward and sent in their photos, and we want to share their messages with you. Continue Reading

Support Our Scrubs: this year, Nurses Week calls for more than pizza

Nurses Week 2020: how supports nurses

Five years in a row, when Nurses Week arrived, we sent out pizza. Lots of it! Nurses around the country received free pizza deliveries from But this year, everything is different. The Coronavirus crisis has torn up our normal lives and left us scrambling to shape new ones. Many of you are bravely facing Continue Reading

Nurses deserve to be seen. Win $100 in our photo contest!

Photo by JakeGrez: "I'm sorry it took a pandemic for healthcare workers to be recognized"

Even before the Coronavirus hit our shores, nurses were the most trusted profession in the country. That has been true year after year, for eighteen years in a row! No wonder that people look to nurses as role models again now, in this time of fear and anxiety. Many nurses have taken up the gauntlet, Continue Reading